Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sophia the First Cupcake Cake


I don't have a lengthy post for today, sadly. While there has been A LOT. I mean A LOTTTTTTTT of baking going on in my kitchen sometimes it's overwhelming to photograph everything as I go. So when I have cake pops, cupcakes, two kinds of cookies and a whole ton of other baking to do in a week my kitchen becomes a flurry of icing sugar and buttercream smeared yoga pants.

Don't feel bad for me though -- I love it! I thought I would share this cupcake cake I did for a little princesses first birthday! It's a cupcake pull-apart cake with a Princess Sophia the first theme.

I love the purple sooo much. I wanted to dive into this frosting!

I won't get into too much detail with ingredients -- you can get a sense of the technique over here with the rosette cake I did and I do have a vanilla cupcake with buttercream recipe on the blog as well. As for the frosting options if you visit my recipe index I have a whole bunch to choose from. You do want something that pipes really well so I would NOT suggest a meringue or whipped frosting for this idea.

I did a double batch of buttercream for this. So it yielded about 8- 10 cups. I had a touch left over but I will use it so it's no big deal!

For the design simple arrange the cupcakes however you would like to form a dress shape and adhere all of the cupcakes to the cake board with frosting. Pipe some frosting in between large holes, too. Otherwise it will droop and be all funky looking. Another tip: place the cupcakes as close together as possible!

I made fondant flowers, diamonds and a crown and decorated the necklace with white dragees and silver dragees.

I did brush the fondant accessories with lustre dust for some added oomph.

As you can see I piped some white rosettes at the bottom for Sophia's dress and some little buttercream rosettes for the bottom.

The white pearl dragees add such a beautiful elegance to the dress, I think.

This was a 28 cupcake cake. It ended up being quite large so I did glue two cake boards together for stability. Also I hunted quite a few places for a box big enough! It was a behemoth, that's for sure!

But so pretty!

And of course, some beautifully dainty cake pops, too! Oh cake pops. You are so moist and delicious and sweet, I love you.

But I don't love you when you fall off the stick into my vat of purple chocolate. Why you gotta be like that!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this brief post. I know if you are anything like me, this time of year is full of chaos and cookies are flying left right and centre -- into my mouth, into boxes and containers -- it's a whirlwind, folks.

Until next time,

Happy Cupcake Cake'n!



  1. So pretty. My daughter would love that <3

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I am sure she would love it -- it's so girly!

      I had never heard of this character before but she's so cute!

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