Tuesday 29 December 2015

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 9 : A Very Crazy Christmas



So ... You may recall in this post how the Christmas season royally kicked my little tuckus onto another planet in a galaxy so far away that I was unable to properly function for what felt like an eternity?

On a vaguely related note -- I seriously hope you made someone those cookies this holiday season because they are amazing. If you didn't ...well. I will spam you with chain-e-mails so vile you would swear they were from 2002. (PSST. CHECK OUT MY POST FROM LAST CHRISTMAS TOO!)

Just kidding. That's really mean!

I was looking through older posts and realized a new 'catch-ups' post was well overdue. On the non-baking side of things work has been pretty busy and I have been doing this new strategy where I try really really REALLY hard to not flip people off before 10am. So I basically save all my rage in this little jar inside my brain and then I go to the gym.


I open it and I squat and lift and swing away all that pent up rage. On the plus side I am noticing that I have leaned out and also gained strength.

On the down side I am really sore and will have to decrease the frequency once life gets busy again.

OH YEAH...WHAT ELSE?!??! I have been a busy baker. Like. Wow. All the cookies. And none in my mouth. What a saint, I am. And cupcakes.

Could you tell?

How about now?

Yep. A lot.

And as much as it pains me to do this -- these are all shot with my iphone because I just didn't have the time :( When I finish orders at night and send them off before/right after work then I have zero change of good lighting for my Canon SLR. Plus staging and all that takes time.

Oh it pains me so much. But I still have plenty of poopy photos to share!

I am actually splitting this post up into 2 because I realized that no sane human being wants to see that many dessert photos in one fell swoop.

Well...I mean, I do. But I'm just a wee bit batty ;)

Monday 14 December 2015

The Breakfast Cookie


So it was been 1.2 trillion years since I have had time to publish a new recipe. And quite frankly I don't really have time right now but this one was chilling in my draft folder for that very same 1.2 trillion years SO IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME!

I thought life was stressful before. I suppose I forgot the holidays were close because of this very non-Canadian winter we have been having lately. 


I have been so grateful for all the orders coming in this holiday season! The Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe has been bumpin' hard core. I mean...JUST LOOKIT WHAT WE'VE MADE SO FAR!!!!

And by we...I mean I: 


And the month is only half over. PHEW! I bet there are things I forgot to take pictures of, too. It's been one heck of a month so far.

BUT the reason I am posting this recipe is to take a break from the cake. A healthier cookie offering for your holiday party, perhaps?

Or just another excuse to have cookies for breakfast -- but one that fits in with your 2016 resolutions to...not..have cookies for breakfast! 

These cookies pass the test, I promise. 

These were inspired by a trip to a local bakery that makes these beautiful and gigantic healthy oatmeal cookies.

I really really wanted to have them at arms reach all the time so I set out to create my own.

SPEAKING of having them at arms reach...these freeze REALLY well. It's great to know you can have them handy at any moment ;)

They just look beautiful too don't they? Like every time a pumpkin seed peeks out he is saying 'HEY LOOKIT ME I AM SO HEALTHY COME ON -- LOOKIT ALL MY FRIENDS! WE ARE SO GREAT FOR YOU!'

And they would be right.

The texture of these is soft and chewy -- although the first day fresh out of the oven they have a delightful crispness on the outside WHICH IS MY FAVOURITE THING EVER!

I hate that that texture goes away after that with most cookies. Unless of course they are crunchy through and through. But these are much more pleasing as chewy cookies, I think. 

I actually wish I had some of these left in the freezer but sadly I do not. A migraine as knocked me sideways today and I have so much to do that these cookies seem impossible.

Why oh why didn't I save more of you in the freezer :(

If that bakery was not a wee bit too far from me I would just go there.

Typically... I would consider that blasphemy but honestly I have been so wiped out lately -- I would just plead the fifth.

I don't know what that is...but I would plead it. 

I also need more cookies in my life, I think. 

I have been playing around with my calories more in terms of trying to net gain more muscle without the usual fat of a bulk.  

I definitely feel stronger overall but the stress of life has put my gym goals to a halt. I feel like cookies could fix this because cookies can fix all the things.


Like little ice cream sandwiches.

I am pretty sure that ice cream, when accompanied by two healthy cookies, is 100% fine and healthy.

I love ice cream. It is my go to cheat meal option alongside ice cream. Pizza and ice cream are where it's at. 

Weird thing is.. I typically feel leaner they day after cheat meals.

Maybe I have been going about this all wrong. I should have more ice cream.