Friday 30 May 2014

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes and an Announcement!


Just popping by to show you these Mother's Day cupcakes I had made a short (long?) while ago.

And also to show you this:


I spent a good chunk of time last night switching my domain to a .com host. I will still be using blogspot as my publisher and nothing else will change.


I feel like this is a coming of age for my little baby blog. A dotcom address. Oh how the time flies!

It feels like just yesterday I was

Now it's simple. Simple is good.

Also the theme/design has changed a bit--hopefully you noticed/approve!


Back to these cupcakes!

I won't jibber jabber on--but these are the most special cupcakes in honour of the most special lady I know. SO know that they are pretty darn delicious for such a big occasion.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes are a light vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a graham cracker/strawberry garnish. The pictures will speak for themselves, but these cupcakes are beautiful and just welcome in a sunny beautiful Mother's Day like no other cupcake could!

I hope you spent the day with family and those you love on Sunday! Let's talk cupcakes!

Because...just look at that! Graham cracker crumbs and oreo crumbs! MMM!

Let's get to the recipe and more pictures!

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles

Sometimes changing the shape, colour or texture of something makes the world of difference.

Like miniature food. How wild is that? It may taste worse or better than it's normal sized counterpart but that doesn't even matter because it's CUTE!

There was a little bit of batter left over from my protein bars before I pressed them into the pan, so I rolled it into a little ball and let my mom try it.

Oh how much more fun it was to have little spheres!

So I decided to play it spherical this time, dip instead of drizzle the chocolate, and naturally dip them in walnuts. Naturally.

It took a little extra time...but it was worth it!

Best of all, pick any flavour you like! Now not all of them work with chocolate, but in that case you can just dip them in the frosting instead or omit that step altogether!

(Gluten Free) Protein Bar Recipe Round-Up:

For these, I went with the Chocolate Turtle Protein Bar recipe. It's one of my favourites!

For more on how to do this....

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Chocolate Chip 'Everything Free' PROTEIN Cookies

Stop everything!

I mean it!

Now come here...Closer....Closer...CLOSER.

Too close.

These are the healthy cookies to end all other healthy cookies! They stack up *pun intended* against other not so healthy cookies, and leave them wanting!

A good chocolate chip cookie should be warm, delicious, chocolaty and leaving you wanting MORE. Check, check and CHECK. These are moist, soft, and melt in your mouth good.

And these are soft. Like little magical puffy protein clouds of joy!

I was writing the recipe hoping and PRAYING that something even similar to a cookie would be the result. I learned from my previous errors and am left with the most delicious and beautiful cookie a girl could want.

This girl, of course loves her : protein, gluten free goods and sugar-free options--and so...I present to you: The Chocolate Chip 'Everything Free' Protein Cookie!

Dense, satisfying and insanely decadent. But wait...what's that?

Speak up little cookies?

You say you taste like you're so calorie dense but you only have 123 calories? Even though I made you much too large because I was lazy and couldn't wait? WHAT? And you are low in fat and high in fibre? Slow down little cookie, my heart is about to explode!

I can't even take it. I need some almond milk and a cookie to get my blood pressure back up high enough to show you the recipe!

Friday 23 May 2014

Gluten Free Chocolate Caramel Pronuts {Protein Donuts}

FIRST. Some housekeeping-- if you haven't already, please head over to Thought Catalog to  read my article on why being young today is awkwarrrrrd. It brings on the lolz, I promise.


I am sure you remember my excitement to show you my Vegan Protein Caramel Sauce.

These donuts are responsible for me messing around in the kitchen and creating that sauce in the first place.

Also I have taken it upon  myself to from this moment forward refer to my protein donut as a PRONUT. Because new words are so current. Protein and donut = pronut. See how good I am at word math! Let us try another:

PRO+ NUT  + Caramel + Chocolate - Gluten and all icky things =

These flavourful donuts are GLUTEN FREE, full of PROTEIN and made with NO butter, NO processed sugar and nothing icky or gross. And the caramel is also full of PROTEIN and it's VEGAN. WHY am I SHOUTING.


They are dense, packed with flavour and taste UNREAL paired with the caramel sauce and dark chocolate.

Just look at this texture!

I know you don't need convincing, so let's get to crackin' Cap'n!

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Protein {VEGAN} Caramel Sauce

Sometimes I lose my ability to use my words.

I make strange facial expressions and contort my mouth in amusement and bewilderment.

Seconds after realizing my brainchild of 'protein caramel' could be a reality my heart fluttered and the world around my swirled into a dizzying array of chocolate donuts and caramel ice cream.

Really, this all happened.

This healthy caramel sauce is pretty straightforward. There are no weird fats or processed sugars. No artificial colours. PLUS protein. Oh and they are vegan. Sticky, melty, caramel amazingness.

I cannot image a more fortunate marriage of ingredients even if I tried. Which I won't because I will save my energy to eat this:

On top of these, like this:

There is no reason to wait, let's talk recipes!

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Baby Shower Cookies


How can you not like babies? Baby feet are probably my weakness. Just want to eat them up! WHICH is a disgusting phrase, actually. But really, baby feet are right up there on my list of ultimate adorable things alongside cats that act like humans and sassy toddlers.

These cookies were for a co-worker who is having her first baby boy! How exciting! I have never done baby themed cookies before, and for a first try I thought these were cute. But my OCD usually kicks in after I am done and I cringe at all the little errors.

I am still not feeling so hot, so these will be out of the house before I can critique them TOO thoroughly!

That also means my words make no sense.. I can...haz...what can I haz...what...UHHH....

OH--- and I used baby themed cookie cutters from Wilton--just in case you were wondering!

The carriages drove me a bit batty--but the bears? SO CUTE! 

See the rest of the designs after the jump!

Thursday 15 May 2014

Coconut Lemon 'Cheesecake' Protein Bars

I seem to have a flu. Or maybe a virus? Or a migraine so severe it makes me feel like I have one of the (or all of the) aforementioned ailments.

The cure for any sort of icky feeling for me has always been tea. Tea with lemon. I don't think I have ever told my grandmother I have been sick without her asking me "Did you make tea? Tea with lemon???"

I did, grandma, I really did!

Lemon is yellow...
It makes my throat sting
I feel pretty crappy
But hey, these bars are a thing?



Moving on to this recipe-- with Mother's Day having just passed I wanted to make some protein bars for my mom. I made here these unhealthy treats and figured she could use a healthier sweet treat! She used to love these lemon bars I used to make back in the day, and to me lemon flavours always say 'fresh' and 'spring'!

Et voila. I present to you, fair and just people of the Republic of the Interwebs, Coconut Lemon 'Cheesecake' Protein Bars. A mouthful, just like the mouthful of amazingness to be had if you make these!

One more picture to persuade you to make these....BUT JUST ONE! Especially because the sun happily obliged to come out for 2.3 seconds after I got home for work...basically just enough time to snap one or two pictures that look half decent.

On to the recipe!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Happy {Belated} Mother's Day!


Holidays are always a huge baking opportunity for me. An opportunity to gift something from the heart. Because what better way to say I love you than cupcakes, cookies, chocolate and more?

Mother's Day just passed and I was in the kitchen creating several goodies for the occasion!

Dear Mom, you are the single most important person in my life. I would not be here, not be alive, not be making it day to day if it weren't for you. There are not enough cookies, chocolates, tears or hugs to express to you all that you mean to me:

I love you to the moon and back. We always say this to each other!

These cookies were for some very special moms in my life, including of course my own! I hope they all felt loved and full of joy (and of course...cookies!). 

The title is no joke, this post is Race cars and cats to cameras!


Keep reading to see some CARS, CUPS and CATS!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Springy Birthday Cookies

Ah. Spring is in the air.

Wait, I live in Canada, who am I kidding? No it's not!

But it is around that time, ISH. So I made these birthday cookies for a family birthday today! They really were much prettiest in person but I was relegated to resorting to a poopy iphone picture session last minute.

You have likely heard me vent about the Iphone camera and mine in particular is garbage, which makes me angry and sad inside because I am a perfectionist.

But I will bite my tongue and post some quick birthday pictures. Just remember they were really much prettier (I am crying inside--any one want to buy me a fancy camera :D?!? ).

I love the colours and the 'fun-ness' of these cookies, don't you?! Purple, pink and blue are my FAVE!

And the sweetest little cake! Let's look at some more !

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Ginger & Sesame Chicken Soba {From Scratch!}


I post a lot of dessert. Cupcakes and cookies and bars and, well, SWEETS. I think this is for a couple of reasons: 1) I think dessert is beautiful. Colours and sprinkles and beautiful piping. It's my favourite. 2) Dessert photographs really well!

Well, say no more general public, say no more. Today, I bring to you a most delicious Asian-inspired dish without any weird creepy msg-laden sauces.

While Mama B and I were out shopping we were going to pick up some food and then I thought hmm, I think we should go home and make something instead. So happy that's the option we chose! I normally don't blog my lunch or dinners. Mostly because I throw it all together in a time crunch and sometimes it doesn't look the prettiest, but I thought I'd share this recipe because the sauce is DIVINE and so worth it.

My source for knowing this is legit? My brother who works at a Pan-Asian restaurant who says this dish stacks up (and shhh...even surpasses) some dishes at his work!

Without any further ado, let's grab our ingredients and get to cooking! While this recipe isn't 'hard' it is a bit time consuming. Thankfully, Mama B helped me cut up the veggies and saved me so much time! Worth it? Let me answer with a picture...or 3:

Underneath it all is beautiful colours...

Which end up making a perfect plate of delicious flavourful AMAZINGNESS!!! 

 On to the recipe!

Saturday 3 May 2014

Chocolate Turtles Protein Bars

Sometimes I really don't think of blogging a recipe. Then I let my mom try it and we have this conversation:

I say "Mom, you say that every time!"
She replies earnestly, "No, but really, this time they are really REALLY my favourite!!!"

Yes, every time this is the conversation. And I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my mom, my number one supporter :)

And then one was gone. Then two. Then three. Then almost all of them! Everyone went crazy for these!

So, just for you mama bear, I bring you Chocolate Turtles Protein Bars. The combination of toffee, pecan and chocolate make these a bar version of a chocolate treat I was VERY fond of as a youngin'.

Nestle's Chocolate Turtles! I remember my parents getting boxes of Turtles around the holidays and I loved them to pieces. Ohhh I loved those turtles good. Loved them all the way into my belly. They would come stacked altogether, separated by those little brown cardboard things which I'd leave in there to make it seem like I didn't eat the whole row. But I did? And I have no regrets.

Let's see how the recipe stacks up to the real deal. Teehee. Stack. A stacking joke! Bee-tee-dubs the stack fell over right after this picture.

Anyways, on to the recipe!

Thursday 1 May 2014

Gluten Free Chocolate PROTEIN Donuts

Holy moly guacamole, you guys.

I woke up super early on Saturday and only wanted to do one thing. Chocolate Protein Donuts. A very specific vision, I know.

I decided not to consult with the interwebs before hand, and just go straight into the kitchen. Why? Sometimes seeing other recipes and options can be overwhelming. It's fun to just take the plunge sometimes and see what happens!



EUREKA! I must say I am so very, very, VERY proud to announce the protein donut was a SUCCESS. I created the recipe with a few goals in mind: NO GLUTEN so I could have one, NO SUGAR so I could have 3, and PROTEIN so I could have them at any point during the day including post-workout (even if the workout didn't happen).

I wish I could go on and on about how amazing this discovery is that I can eat donuts and they are not full of horrible ingredients or processed sugars and fats. But that would be so tedious, especially when you can just look:

Full disclosure: I added raspberry to the donuts because I thought that'd be like, totally a rad idea. I don't really like it (flavour was very subtle anyways) so I left it out of the ingredients and will not use it again, but if you want to razzle dazzle 'em, then PLEASE do!

I know you want to see the recipe--DUH! So let's GO...