Wednesday 29 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups 5


Okay so Easter is clearly long gone, I know that.

HOWEVER -- do you know what's not long gone? MOTHER'S DAY! And you can definitely apply these designs on other kinds of flowers or maybe teacups and saucers which I ADORE for Mother's Day cookies.

Small orders are a piling up and I couldn't be happier. That means even more COOKIES, CAKES and CATCH-UPS!!!!

And hopefully time for some new recipes, too. 

Now that the weather is actually starting to get nicer in Ontario I feel like my energy levels are improving a teeny tiny weensy little bit. 

I will admit -- I am not as energetic or cute as these guys:

And some my FAVOURITE cookies EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't happen too often that I am allowed to go cookie crazy -- so having some free range when it comes to cookies is always so much fun.

Believe it or not sometimes people trust me to just do whatever I'd like - they TRUST me! What a crazy concept!

Easter is one of the most colourful holidays for me. I mean Christmas has it's reds and greens -- Valentine's Day is red and pink... but Easter?!


Now I know you want to see more, right?

Friday 24 April 2015

White Chocolate & Lemon Cranberry Cookies

I have said this maybe a million times before. I am. A. Chocolate. Gyal.


Dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, salted caramel. Rich deep and dark flavour palettes are the things my dreams are made of.

I am not a fan of florals, light things, citrus (sometimes), fruity (sometimes) -- I's not for me. Give me CHOCOLATE!

But I think that I can speak for ALL Canadians -- ALL of them -- when I say that this past week of nice weather has brought about a change in my spirit that I have never felt this time of year. This winter was brutal and beyond and I am absolutely elated to celebrate higher temperatures.

SO in light of that I really buckled down and started to think about new recipes that reflect this. That means it's time to bring about some citrus! Lemon! Orange! Berries! And of course vanilla. Which, despite my chocolate addiction, even I can admit is really quite lovely in it's own right.

I did start with these Vegan Vanilla Bean Donuts. And now onto these cookies...

Over the weekend I actually got to be out in the sun while cleaning the backyard with my brother. A TANLINE -- I exclaimed as I ran into the house. I HAVE A TANLINE!

Later that evening I was inspired to create a new cookie recipe. It's been a while, I figure and I wanted something more seasonally appropriate.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

These are a bright and sunny soft-baked cookie dotted with juicy cranberry and sweet white chocolate chips.

The outside of the cookie forms a nice firm barrier to carry around --but the inside is soft and almost fudgy but not in a chocolate way? Like a sweet vanilla brownie..Again...not in a chocolate way!

I guess my description doesn't make much sense. I feel like maybe you should bake these for yourself and see.

Some points:

  • Never bake in a hurry. Ever. Srs guys. Don't -- make sure everything you need is measured and laid out before you and nothing should be cold. NOTHING!
  • To get things to room temperature quickly you can microwave them in VERY small bursts of 5-10 seconds -- stirring in between (don't scorch it or you'll ruin your precious ingredients)
  • ALWAYS zest your lemon THEN juice it. Always!
  • Chilling gluten free dough is always best because it helps hydrate the dough and keep it together
  • Measure your coconut oil first, then melt it.
  • You can skip the lemon but I wouldn't. It adds a little je-ne-sais-quoi only we do know QUOI because QUOI is lemon!
  • Drizzle in lemon chocolate if you have any -- it's a divine and bright tough
  • Keep cookies in an airtight tin. They store better that way!
  • Please read my notes to see my favourite blend of GF flour -- they are most certainly not all created equal!

And also these are SO GOOD! You could have them with breakfast, afternoon tea, bring them to a picnic, throw them into a lunch as special treat or just have them in the evening with tea and refreshments (we Arabs are allll about that late night shai and cookies lol)!

And the recipe is simple -- let's check it out!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups 4

As you can tell...these are Nintendo cookies.

For my brother Ali's birthday last year I made him these.  So I wanted to stick within the same theme but do something a little bit different.

I wanted to do Super Mario but I panicked and thought I would screw it up :(

To make Toad I had to use a muffin cookie cutter and round the tops a bit with my fingers before baking them. Sorry lumpy headed Toads!

Here are some Fire flowers:


And the little collection:

When I was around 6 or 7 my parents bought me a Super Nintendo. It was the best day ever. My mom and dad hung out with me all night and we played Mario and had a swell old time.

I think I have always been surrounded by video games, though. From my Uncle's old Atari to the original NES -- I have always thought there something so special about video games.

So naturally as a grown up waiting all night for the PS4 to come out and taking trips with my youngest brother whenever a new game comes out...well, that's totally normal, right!??

All the new fancy stuff is great -- but I do miss my Nintendo/Super Nintendo days. I will forever have a soft spot for my gaming pals <3

And I am totally referring to the characters in the games. I thought they were legit people in my life. How much cooler would my life be if that were the case?! Infinitely cooler. 

Let's have a quick peek at the cake!

Friday 17 April 2015

Vanilla Bean Baked Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

When I first posted a picture of these donuts (you can see those very donuts here) to my Instagram -- I received a lovely comment from 'Z' asking when the recipe would be posted.

And it is FINALLY here. 

These donuts made my heart flutter. After being on a bit of a recipe posting hiatus I was itching so severely to get back into the kitchen. I  had orders, then I got sick, then I had orders, then I got even more sick.

And now my allergies are in full swing. OH GOOD.

But alas. I finally made my healthy donut recipe that I have been tinkering with. 

Before you run into the kitchen keep in mind:

  • You'll need a donut pan. Most kitchen stores will have them but I find them at Michael's and even Winners/Marshall's sometimes
  • You can use egg replacer or real eggs. I tested both!
  • My gluten free flour blend is equal parts coconut, oat, rice and tapioca flour but you can use whatever you choose!
  • Sprinkles are optional but so freaking cute
  • Take them out of the pan right away and turn them over onto a wire cooling rack
  • They are best the day of but don't worry. That won't be a problem ;) 

The best part of these donuts are that they're donuts.

Oh wait I screwed that up...ummm...OH that they are delicious.


Oh yeah that they are BAKED! So obviously that makes them instantly better for you.

They are beautiful to look at which makes them also good for your soul. 

I'm not wrong, right?!? I think these would look really cute at a baby shower or even a bridal shower on a dessert table.

I am OBSESSED with dessert tables. I am always so excited to see how people put things together and I love themed things. I say that a lot, I know. But it's true! I hope they never ever go out of style, EVER. Or I would be so sad.

You can use fun straws and coloured candies and little candy pearls and SO MANY OPTIONS!

And just as an aside...That photo above is my favourite photo ever. It makes me feel so happy inside. Sprinkles and pink and good lighting = amazing.

Soo enough of this let's talk recipes, y'all!

Monday 13 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups Part 3

Are you ready for more cakes and cookies?!?!

NO!? (If that's the case don't forget to check out part 1 and part 2


*taps screen*

You alive in there?!

Just a bit sleepy -- maybe in a bit of a gloomy mood from all these April showers? Me too, friend. Me too. 

Between migraines and viruses I feel like I haven't been a normal human in a million years. I am in a funk. Not an uptown funk either because that shiz just looks like a whole but-tonne of fun. 

I am hoping once I am back on my feet I will be back creating healthy recipes for you all! I know there is a lot of confusion as to why I post non-healthy noms and desserts.

Well first of all, I have never ever claimed to be a purist. I talk about that all the time! I don't count anything. After being so strict for so much of my life..well, I am OVER it. 

Is that to say I don't care about nutrition? NO! It's such a passion of mine. I believe that we are what we eat and that top quality, vitamin-rich sustainable food is the way to go.

And I can wax poetic about it for days on end. THAT BEING SAID there is a lot to explore in the food world. Being able to create beautiful creations is important to me -- for all occasions and tastes. Even though MY idea of a great time is some spinach, banana, chia seed concoction..I know that's not what my family and friends want for their birthdays ;) 

AND SECOND -- I like the share the small orders that I have been doing locally and when people celebrate they don't want orders of coconut cranberry breakfast cookies. Even though those are delicious!

If demand for protein treats increase I will be happy to price those out for sale but for now people want...cookies and cakes!

AND THIRD IN UNRELATED NEWS....I HAVE A NEW RECIPE FOR THIS WEEK! HURRAH HURRAY YIPPEEE (You will want to stay tuned for this one, folks. I promise)!

This cake was for a very talented nurse's (Congrats, J!) surprise bash!

Peanut butter buttercream, chocolate ganache, peanut butter cups, reese's pieces, chopped roasted peanuts...OH YEAH!

Let's have a look at...well...more cakes and cookies!

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups Part 2


I hope you're not sick of these yet. Because, well...I have a bunch more to share with you! 

BUT FIRST...I should note that I added TWO. YES TWO! New pages on my right sidebar. 

I removed the sugar cookies from my recipe index because...well, they aren't really recipes but instead designs. HOWEVER -- due to a recent increase in the volume of orders I have been doing for cookies I decided to make an entire 'Sugar Cookie Designs' tab with photos and links to corresponding posts. This way for those looking for design ideas or placing an order -- they are all in one place!

Second is the 'Special Order Price List'! I hesitated to do this for a million reasons. One - I feel like an amateur who isn't good enough to complete with a bakery or other local bakers. Two -- I worry that people will judge my work, say no to the prices, cancel an order last minute, or some other bad thing. BUT because the requests have been growing so much lately I decided to take the plunge and create a price list for those people who have already been so wonderful and supportive. This way you can save some time in waiting for me to get back to you and just look at the list. 

Please keep in mind I am a one woman show. I work full time and dedicate all my 'leisure' time to growing my baking endeavor and blog. My ingredients are expensive, fresh and all made fresh to order. You can trust that what you're getting has been treated with care and is personal. If you feel that you can get that at a big box store -- then that's okay, too! But because of how much time it takes me to complete these projects just be kind and aware that once an order is placed and started -- backing out causes a huge waste of product and makes me sad inside! SO that being said. Sit down. Stay a while! Read some things. Drink some tea. You and I? We are pals!

Moving on to my rambling about cakes, cookies and catching up. I kind of like these laid back posts. Not a care in the world. All willy nilly. It's free. I don't have to prattle on about some magic mixing technique no one cares about or how coconut oil is soOoOoOo likeeee good for youuuu.

Or why I eat gluten free. I know. You think it's made up, world. We get it. 

What I will do is show you these cookies made for a baby shower. Was that obvious???

The bibs were my absolute favourite. Sometimes I pour over blogs and pinterest looking for inspiration only to plop myself down with my icing without any clue as to what I am going to do. Sometimes that works out great...Other Not so much!

Thank you to Pour Toi Sweets for letting me borrow your fondant mold because OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!

Unfortunately I cannot buy my own because my Paypal account got hacked as someone tried to steal thousand (yes no 's') of dollars from me. Now It's so protected I can't even get back into my own account! Oh Ebay. Why must so many good *cheap* vendors take paypal only!

Ah well, eh? Let's check out some more cute stuff.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups!



Well it's been pretty crazy over here. Maybe not on the blog -- because that's been pretty quiet -- but IRL it has been cray.

But cray is good. Lots of small fun orders and events to create for! This has forced me to prioritize on the baking and less on the photography. So I apologize for the not so professional looking photos you will see over the next week. But you know what? Sometimes life isn't perfect and there isn't time for studio lighting and white boards and photo props.

That doesn't make the end product any less worthy of being photographed! Besides -- I think it's a good thing to put everything I made out there! Even *I* use my own blog as a reference point. Life gets hectic -- I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone which cookies I made months ago.

These were Jurassic Park/Dino themed cookies -- just in case that wasn't obvious ;)

As usual they are decorated with royal icing -- I added the eggs in there for fun because -- why not! The skeleton ones were my favourite! I picked up the cutters about a year ago from Winners and have been dying to use them ever since.

Check out the rest of these cutie pie monster ..things.