Sunday 20 November 2016

Healthy Gingerdoodles (Ginger Molasses Cookies!)

Fun fact:

I found 3 new gray hairs this week.


And I am SURE they are new because I have to blow dry and straighten my hair and I am lazy AF and only go through the bother once a week. 

So these little bastards are new and I am sure of it.
Hopefully you have been keeping up to speed with my goingsons (not a word) on IG/FB -- if not the links are around somewhere -- I am sure you'll find me ;) So you will probably have a clue as to why my delicate black strands are fraying and graying at the speed of light.


I was so excited with how bakery-esque these turned out. Even without using butter/sugar/dairy -- these cookies turned out so luxurious. Slightly crisp around the edges and chewy on the inside.


If you don't love molasses I would stick to my normal doodles. The snickerdoodle.

However -- especially for the holidays -- these cookies are perfect.

My goal has always been to make my healthier treats look just as good as the 'normal' ones.

Not that weird discoloured dry and kinda crackly uneven thang that most GF goodies have going on. You know what I am talking about?!

I love the slight crackled tops. While you don't have to toss them in sugar (makes them not refined sugar free anymore) it does add to the texture in a nice way. Plus the sugar caramelises a bit and adds to the crunch along the edges.

I promise these are easy to make, too!

Wednesday 2 November 2016

No Bake 5-Minute 'Trail Mix' Bar

As I sit here typing this post I am looking at two giant containers of Halloween candy. You know how Halloween crazy I am. So of course I bought all the BEST candy and was super super excited to give it out to all the cute little kiddies. See excited face below:

Well ya know what. NO ONE CAME! We had maybe 10 kids total. And I had an entire other bowl of candy not pictured above.

I was crushed. I wonder why this is the case. We used to get a lot of trick or treaters! Whatever the reason is it made me really sad. Luckily with all the cakes I make I can use the chocolate BUT COME ON KIDDOS :'(

I decided to do this recipe because it's super quick, super easy and absolutely delicious. The protein powder isn't integral to the structure here, so I didn't list it as a necessary ingredient. I did add it in this batch, though. You know me ;)

Store bought bars are usually horrid for you. I am addicted to Quest bars and even I know my home made bars taste better and are more nutritious (sorry Quest).

So with these you don't have to worry about wasting time and it's something my whole family loves. Even the picky people.

Best of all you really can use whatever you would put in your favourite trail mix. That's the beauty of a trail mix!!!!!

I always make it myself because every store bought trail mix has like...ONE thing I don't like that ruins the experience.

So picture these as the best trail mix ever that is formed into a compact bar that tastes like chocolatey fudgey delciousness.

The only problem is...these will disappear far too may want to hide half of them at the back of the fridge in an opaque container.....labelled DANGER DO NOT OPEN.

Not like I'd ever do that....

Anyways here is the super simply recipe!

Monday 31 October 2016

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: A Jack Skellington Edition

How else could I commemorate this -- this my favourite day, this -- the grand finale of Halloweek -- than with this beautiful Jack cake?!?

Speaking of which -- have you checked out my HALLOWEEK RECIPE ROUND UP?! Not too late to whip up some treats for tonight ;)

I feel like since taking a brief hiatus from caking and food styling on a bigger scale I've really struggled. I just feel like lighting is never right and props are falling over or breaking and my set is on the verge of collapse every time.

I was admittedly nervous to make this cake.

Y'all know Jack is BAE. I have worshipped at the alter of Tim Burton since I was a kid. Half of my room is macabre little accents inspired by Tim Burton's world.

That being the case, there were of course some things I wasn't thrilled with and had to start over. Word to the wise -- the Wilton ribbon cutter is a lot harder to use than just a ruler and a pizza cutter. So I can't suggest it if you have a lot of stripes to cut.

The base of the cake is vanilla cake. I make a butter cake because I think the flavour is delicious and it's a sturdy cake. Layered in between is strawberry buttercream. I made a strawberry reduction and folded it into my vanilla bean buttercream, DIVINE! Probably my favourite flavour so far. I used fondant for the stripes. I don't think piping buttercream stripes on black buttercream is reliable. Make one mistake and bye bye colours.

More on the decorations...

Thursday 27 October 2016

Happy Halloweek! Healthier Halloween Recipe Round- Up!


Halloweek technically won't end until Monday but being that most people will be partying it up on the Friday and Saturday I figured it's pretty important to release this before hand so people have time to make their goodies.


As promised this week has been full of a combination of old and new Halloween recipes -- but here is an official round- up of all the Halloweek treats you could possibly handle. There is something in here for everyone so if you can't find a recipe you'd want to try THEN YOU NEED TO HOLLA AT ME and I will get to cracking on developing something new ;)

Also I have no idea what to be this year. I usually am so on my costume. Basically by September 1st I have all my Halloween decor our and costume ready. The past few months have been a bit blurry but I am sure I will pull something our of my closet and figure it out. I have been watching late night Youtube Halloween Make up tutorials. Those folks make me believe anything is possible with make up and then I try it and look at a very muddy looking mess in the mirror and cry litres of purple glitter tears.

I hope you give some of these recipes a try. I keep saying it but this is worth repeating - I am your life line! If a recipe doesn't work for you or you have questions I am always happy to help :) That being said I try to be as clear as possible but sometimes the baking Gods are not on our side, you know?!

Here we go!

11 Spooky (but Healthy) Halloween Treats


If you were like me then Snickers were one of your most beloved treats. They made me mad, though because they were hella small. SO MAKE THESE INSTEAD! They'll cure your hunger (actually). 


These brownies are great because they are so much healthier than normal brownies but just as fudgey and delicious. I think these are super cute to bring to school or to a party!


Twix were also a member of the 'you are my favourite but why you so small doe' club. Be like a coffee crisp. OR A KIT KAT. Those were decently sized!!!!!

Anyways these are kind of annoying because everyone loves them too much and they disappear too quickly. But still make them just to know their joy. 

Keep reading because there are 8 more ideas!!

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Pumpkin Pie Protein Cheesecake Blondies

Confessions of a frantic food blogger:

I have made this recipe 5 times before intentionally making the time to make them for a post.  YEAH THAT'S A LOT.

Every time I was either taking them to a function or we just ate too many and had none left for me to photograph or some other nonsense.

I did, however, release this recipe in my last newsletter so this will be old hat to you if you are a subscriber ;)



The blondie ends up being really moist and delicious and pumpkin-y and the cheesecake layer adds the perfect amount of creaminess. YUM.
I loved making these in cupcake liners because it made them more portable and I just thought they were cute. You can totally make them in an 8 inch square or circle pan, too, though!

Word to the wise if you think you may want to freeze them (they freeze amazing) then I would bake them in paper liners and NOT the foil ones because you can't microwave those and its annoying to have to peel them off. Take it from me ;)

I shared these with friends and family and they were a hit every where I went. They have the perfect balance of creamy and pumpkin spicy that really warms the soul.

Sometimes too warm. As in they just came out of the oven and now I burnt my finger tips trying to box them as I run out the door.

Also even though I promised myself I wouldn't I bought some new Halloween decor. Fml, right? The cake stand was from Marshall's or Homesense...or Winners. Somewhere. I think the same place my mom found the Ouija board decor from my last post.

I got this mason jar skull cup from Dollarama tho. I freaking love Dollarama. I can't even think of going to any of the OTHER GREEN AND YELLOW DOLLAR STORES. You heard me Dollar Tree/Dollar Giant/Dollar other things.

My hair is black as night but for today. I am all about the blonde so let's go!

Monday 24 October 2016

Candy Corn Protein Brownies

Hello Humanoid!

Or alien. Honestly if you're an alien you need to leave a comment right now because that's so hella dope for real. Alien emoji.


That just happened.

And so did these. 


That's a thing I made up to celebrate the week of Halloween with delicious and healthier recipes that you can make at home for yourself, your kids, or other people to bring to a party this weekend! I know it seems silly - like girl. Halloweek? You need to check yourself.

BUT it is so insanely important to me to inspire other people to throw on an apron and make some dirty dishes. It's all too often that we let our health slip away from us -- and that can be mental health from the stresses of dieting or being allergen friendly. Even if you need to make suggestions or work with me to find a recipe adaptation for you I am happy to do it. It's so worth carving out some time to make healthier goodies and it can be a lot of fun!

ANYWHO I DIGRESS -- Before you even formulate a thought here are some super important caveats:

  1. Yes these are insanely delicious like. REDONK.
  2. Yes they are more work than your average brownie. Not gonna front.
  3. YES I baked mine in an absurdly small pan and didn't think it through.
  4. No you should not do the same
  5. Yes you should still make them but not rush the cooling process for a photo shoot and end up with a big ol mess because it hasn't set yet and even though you knew better YOU DID IT ANYWAY.

Meringues are so beautiful. I am so happy I am not afraid of them anymore (thank you bakery life).

Even though if you read my newsletter you know that's no longer gonna happen (see ya bakery life:( )

So you can see the bleeding effect happening because my rushed self didn't wait the recommended cooking time, YEAH MY OWN RECOMMENDATIONS NOPE DIDN'T FOLLOW THOSE.

Probably less important if you bake them in the right size pan, too. Then they won't be so high and constantly on the verge of death.

That being said, I haven't had much free time and I was trying to bake and shoot all on the same day which usually never works out and involves me in a puddle of sweet meringue filled tears on the floor at some point.

lol what.

No, not me. I am like...totally put together. Painting nails emoji,

So rest assured your version will be even more wildly delicious and beautiful, too ;) 

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Cookies Cakes & Catch-Ups 12: Rosettes and Girly Glamour

Guten Tag!

It is I. The long lost blogger of the usual healthy treats but also sometimes layer cakes land. I report to you now a few weeks into my new job as a Pastry Baker working nights and I have come out...well...I won't say triumphant but I am alive and I am learning so much my head feels like it's going to fall off. 

I thought I was on my grind before -- BUT IT HATH JUST BEGUN!

Because that is the case -- even when I am cooking/baking at home it's pretty minimal and I definitely don't have the time for a proper food post because of how time consuming food photography and editing is. WHICH IS A DAMN SHAME because I have bought some killer food styling props lately. Marshall's, Winners, Homesense. The holy trinity. God bless. 

SO this post is just another recap. I like to do these after I have accumulated enough fun photos of cakes and things to share. If you're new to the blog then know that these are for my side baking business -- the blog related things are the recipes and other tidbits that you can find at the right side bar ;)

SPEAKING OF BUSINESS! It has basically come to a halt. I had to cancel this months orders because the bakery is nearing Thanksgiving Doomsday prep. Please forgive me <3

I have so many beautiful girly things to do. MY FAVE!!!! I reallllllly miss decorating. I get to bake a lot at the bakery (ok ok that's obvious) but I miss my glitter and sprinkles and frosting!!

When my most supportive friend orders a cake for his mom -- I had to go all in! I loved creating this piece and I was so happy to get snapchats of her reaction <3

This beauty below is a floral peach and mint cake with all kinds of vanilla on the inside! And rainbow jimmies because the birthday girl loves them!

Dulce de leche and vanilla cake on the inside. A beautiful gold buttercream array on the out :D!

GF Vegan Donuts. Not for the cake but they match, don't you think?!

My favourite baby cookies of all time for the cutest mom to be!

These vanilla bean donuts I decorated with crushed meringue and shortbread crumbs. YUM!

I made this cake for my former boss when I worked at the Y for her surprise work shower. She has the most STUNNING little girl now -- she's finally loose! I will definitely miss working with this incredible strong and amazing woman.

I have done enough henna cookies at this point to be sort of obsessed. Before Eid Al-Fitr this year my Aunt and Mom surprised me with little cones of real henna and it was actually debilitatingly addictive. SO MUCH FUN! As it turns out though -- I should stick to just piping with icing lol.

Okay so buttercream flowers and glitter and sparkles and gold is all great. Now on to the LESS girly items (equally cool and exciting).


Tuesday 6 September 2016

Gluten Free Peaches & Cream Muffins


SOOO things have been not so peachy keen jelly bean.

Well. I suppose that is a bit hyperbolic. Things indeed have been peachy as it is peach season (albeit the tail end which is violently upsetting because summer is my favourite OR MY NAME ISN'T SUMMER!!!!!).

This summer has been a bit tumultuous. Some health problems really flared and I think my mental health really took an impact when I made a huge decision to quit my job.

Yep. I quit my salary job, within days of that decision had  an interview at my favourite bakery in town and ba-ding-ba-da-boom I start next week.

While I look back at being an M.A and law school hopeful I can't help but become overcome with anxiety. I think a lot of people look at this jump I am making and don't fully understand how hard it has been and will be. Some people are supportive and understandably a lot of people aren't and that's okay.

Leaving something stable and being well-educated lends itself to people having certain expectations. A lot of this past week has been separating what OTHER people want me to VS what I want to do.

To be honest I think staying at my day job was out of fear of what people would think of me if I quit. Quitting to work in a bakery to get experience? Working on expanding my small business and growing my client base? INSTEAD OF LAW SCHOOL OR A PhD?!!!!!

The reality is. I almost died. For reasons I won't get into right now but I struggled with my health for a very long time. Mentally -- Grad school really broke my spirit and it took me a long time to function as a normal person after that. Going out or being social or even really just being 'me' was never an option. Having a blog where I can somewhat be vocal (I know I am not Sallys Baking Addiction with millions of views but that's okay) has been huge. And in the end my business and blog are what allowed me to get my bakery job because it became an easily accessible portfolio that really portrayed who I am,

Why is this important? If I die tomorrow I don't want to live a life without passion -- including at least ATTEMPTING to pursue a career in a field that fills me with joy. Has it been hard? Hell yeah. Financially especially as I try and escape my student loans. But I am living and breathing and that really should be all that matters. Society complicates that for us but our human essence is driven biologically by the desire to survive so in the most basic sense I should be thrilled. 


Why am I telling you this amidst photos of beautiful muffins??!

Because I hope it gives you the courage you need to take a risk, however small, in finding your happiness. I want you to know that finding your happiness is a long road.

It may involve finding your misery first. Maybe a lot of misery and heart ache and struggle. But if you can break free from whatever it is that's holding you back you will hit the bed every day feeling like you are truly moving towards something.

It may be starting a blog or finally becoming a certified personal trainer. Or maybe taking some certificate courses at a local college.

At the end of the day if you are living for someone else it's not them that gets impacted, it's you.

So outside of my snarky sarcasm and offbeat sense of humour I have been doing a lot of thinking and just wanted to share. If I can motivate one of you little stud muffins then, that shall be enough for me :)


I have been watching a lot of South Park. Forgive me ;)