Wednesday 7 May 2014

Springy Birthday Cookies

Ah. Spring is in the air.

Wait, I live in Canada, who am I kidding? No it's not!

But it is around that time, ISH. So I made these birthday cookies for a family birthday today! They really were much prettiest in person but I was relegated to resorting to a poopy iphone picture session last minute.

You have likely heard me vent about the Iphone camera and mine in particular is garbage, which makes me angry and sad inside because I am a perfectionist.

But I will bite my tongue and post some quick birthday pictures. Just remember they were really much prettier (I am crying inside--any one want to buy me a fancy camera :D?!? ).

I love the colours and the 'fun-ness' of these cookies, don't you?! Purple, pink and blue are my FAVE!

And the sweetest little cake! Let's look at some more !

I love the cake with the rose peeking out from the background! These cookies were so simple, which was nice. But still cute!

My favourite cookie is the one above. Love the colour contrast and the little candles!

Flower power! Nothing says spring like flowers! Except rain, worms and warmer temperatures. But let's stick with flowers ;)

Because I am bringing these to a family lunch/dinner, I stacked them all on a cake plate and wrapped them up with the cutest jelly bean cellophane bag! Look how bright and fun! And purely coincidentally, the colours matched!

Are you ready for Spring? I am. Although to be honest, Autumn/Fall is my absolute favourite season. I am not a huge fan of the hot weather. I am a pretty anxious and fiery individual who is usually perspiring anyways, so I prefer the more brisk Fall weather to keep me from feeling like I will keel over.

But, eh, I'll take Spring instead of this Canadian craziness we have been having!

Happy Almost Spring!



  1. Summer, the cookies were the prettiest & cutest cookies i have ever seen or tasted!! Thank you xoxo

    1. I am so so so happy you liked them Neveen :) It was my pleasure ! You're very welcome XOXO