Monday 30 March 2015

No Bake Vegan 'Twix' Bars



I feel as though March and April are a whirlwind for me -- every moment blends into the next and is full of events, parties, birthdays and of course -- for me, anyway -- baking!

And loads of it, too.

Especially for family birthdays and parties where I want to bring something special. So forgive my patchy posting in that time! As things pick up with work and my hours become a bit longer -- it gets hard to make time for all my precious baking ideas!

I put two and two together and realized when they said April showers bring may flowers they meant bridal and baby showers ;) But that makes it a really exciting time too! GO AWAY STUPID SNOW AND BRING ON THE SUN DRESSES AND MOJITOS!

I don't really wear dresses or drink mojitos. But it felt like the right thing to say.

I digress -- the point not fear -- the FMA kitchen is still pumping out treats -- and EVENTUALLY I will get to post ALL of them ;)

Let's start first with something easy and no-bake. Oh and healthy, duh.


If you subscribed to my e-mail list (which thank you to all those who did!!!) you would have already seen this last week. Remember if you subscribe you are getting sneak peeks and information that I don't post elsewhere -- so stay tuned!!!

Anywho -- I made these after my successful and ever-so-popular (for my house, anyway) SNICKERS BARS! Everyone has been asking when I will make them again. Every thing I have made that has not been the snickers bars has been a disappointment to my family. A delicious, delicious disappointment.

These aren't as high in protein as those bars -- BUT -- they have a no-bake crumbly biscuit base --a layer of RAW VEGAN caramel -- and lots of nutrients and healthy fats.


You can even have know...just to be traditional to the regular ol' Twix bar ;)

The main difference, is of course that these are much better for you. That's my gig, y'all! But another difference is that because the biscuit base is no bake it's not as crunchy. Still lots of great texture -- just not as crunchy as the 'real' thing.

But I loved these SOOOO MUCH!

And served alongside some of my other healthy treats -- these were the first to disappear. Same thing happened when I made my home-made snickers bars! If there is one thing people love it's chocolate. And on top of that? Chocolate bars. And on top of THAT -- if you can eat it without the guilt?

Come onnn. Get outta here!


It's legit. The whole thing! The biscuit! The caramel! The biscuit layer! IT'S ALL THERE! AHHHH!!!!

Before your head explodes from your anticipation of how to make this healthy Twix bar covered in luxurious chocolate -- let's check the recipe out!

No-Bake Vegan 'Twix' Bars

Yields 10 - 12 Bars 

Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan


For Bar Base:

  • 1  cup oat flour 
  • 1  cup almond flour
  • 3-4 tablespoons honey, agave or maple syrup 
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted

    Caramel Layer:

    • 1/2 cup pitted medjool dates, soaked in hot water 
    • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
    • 2 tablespoons nut butter, softened
    • Optional: English Toffee Stevia Drops (to taste)
    • 3-4 teaspoons hot water 

    Chocolate Coating:

    • 1 cup dark chocolate pieces, melted (I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips)
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil 


    For Base

    1. Mix all dry ingredients for the bar base in a large mixing bowl and set aside
    2. In a small bowl combine coconut oil and sweetners -- heat mixture until fully melted 
    3. Pour sweetener/oil mixture over our dry ingredients and stir thoroughly, If your dough is too dry -- add a tablespoon at a time of sweetener until it sticks together when you pinch it between your fingers and resembles clumps of wet sand
    4. Press dough into an small loaf pan lined with foil or plastic wrap 
    5. Set in fridge for 15 minutes before adding caramel layer 

    Caramel Layer

    1. Drain the water from your dates that have been soaking in hot water for 3-5 minutes and add into a food processor or blender
    2. Add in melted coconut oil, softened nut butter and stevia drops
    3. Blend until you have a thick creamy 'caramel'
    4. Remove bars from fridge, spread 'caramel' layer evenly over bars 
    5. Place back in the fridge to set for another 30 - 60 minutes until firm 


    1. Once bars are completely set cut them into as many bars as you'd like -- I made them thin to resemble 'twix' bars 
    2. Melt down your chocolate and coconut oil in the microwave and stir until lump-free
    3. Dip each bar and set on wax paper to dry
    4. Enjoy! Store left over bars in the fridge if you live in a warm climate 

    I got 10 solid sized bars out of this recipe -- you can cut them thinner and get more! OR what you could do is use an 8x8 pan and assemble them as bars! They will be a bit thinner that way but you'll be able to get more servings out of the recipe.

    And I don't know if you can tell from the picture -- but these are the most delicous healthy treats you will ever try. You'll have to run away from the hoards of people begging you to re-make these for them. They will run to your fridge, scavenge through your cupboards, hide out in your kitchen.. It won't ever end.

    And can you blame them? Doesn't it just look like all that velvety chocolate is dripping seductively off of the bar? I know. It's irresistible.

    These would be cute to cut into halves or thirds, too! Do a 'fun size' version! And with fun size versions I always end up eating enough to make it not worth having a fun sized one to begin with. It's like -- oh these are SMALL -- so I can have...TEN!

    Makes sense, right :D?

    Before you go..I just want you to look deep into the proverbial belly of the beast. Of course the hope is you're the beast and they go into your own belly ...but I digress..

    Just look.

    If that doesn't sell you...then I am just at a loss.

    I am soooo insanely addicted to these. I wish the recipe made 100 without all the effort and ingredients that would be needed to actually make that amount!

    SO what I really want to know now is what next!?!? Please give me your suggestions -- I really really need some help!

    Lately life has thrown me some curve balls and it's really hindering my motivation to keep creating. So any help -- suggestions --things you want?!? HOLLA!

    And most of all let me know if you try these!

    Happy Twix Bar Makin'



    1. Oh my goodness these bars look so delicious!!!! I am going to the store and buy some dates( because that's the only ingredient I am out of for this recipe) and make these tomorrow!!!!

      1. Thank you so much Alicia! I hope you try them -- if you do let me know how you like them :)! Have a great Easter weekend!

    2. Wow these look so yummy, I am thinking I'll try making these but maybe all oat flour OR add a little flaxseed meal in place of the almond cause I'm all out. So excited to try!