Friday 19 September 2014

Pirate Cookies

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!!!

Arrrrren't you excited?! What better way to celebrate than with these cookies?!

Pirates are not often associate with the word adorable.

But I would have to disagree in this case! This will be a quick mostly picture post of some cookies I did for the cutest little baby in the whole world for his baptism.

Although....he could not EAT the cookies. So I guess it was more for his family!

I did slight variations in expression for the pirates...

Skull and crossbones, of course.

And of course, 'X' marks the spot treasure maps!

And you cannot have pirates without having the treasure! 

Cutest pirates ever!

Little 'X' coins and other gold treasures. MMM....Treasure.....

I love the skull and cross bones! And making them all-black was a good choice, methinks. 

That's it! I know pirate parties are a popular theme for little ones these days and these cookies were all very simple and not requiring many specialized cutters except for the skull and cross bones! You could easily substitute that for something else like a treasure chest or something else!

Happy Plank Walking!


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