Wednesday 20 May 2015

Blush & Champagne Bridal Cookies

Cookies are awesome.


Shoes that ARE cookies?!? Uhh...Amazing.

These cookies were made for the most ridiculously sweet bride to be. Seriously you guys -- everything at the shower was gorgeous and there were cookies as far as the eyes could see! I was very honoured to see my little cookies at the cookie table! Her colour theme was blush and champagne -- I snuck some white in there too, because, you know, bridal!

I stuck with 4 designs: shoes, cakes, heart dresses, full dresses. I tried to do the same amount of each in the 3 respective colours and of course, little additions of some pizzazz were added. If there's no pizzaz on cookies I don't want anything to do with it! Hand me roses! Sprinkles! Shiny things! STAT!

Bridal season is in full swing and I love doing bridal cookies SO SO SO MUCH! Something about how delicate and simple they are just makes me really happy.

But...I guess I just like cookies in general!

If you don't think those cakes are fun...well I have no words for you, friend. Just no words.


The cakes I have the most fun with in terms of design. I think of weddings cakes as being the perfect canvas for pretty much any kind of pattern, sprinkle and doo-dad.

So on they went!

In terms of what to expect from the blog other than cookies (and please expect cookies because I have more to share) there has just been a higher volume than normal of small and large orders alike -- which is AMAZING. Not that I vocalize this very much but that is kind of the game plan to make baking in some capacity my daily gig. I know I won't get there any time soon but keep the orders coming everyone because I appreciate it!

That being said I do have a full-time job so the posting of new recipes has been...erratic. I have 5 new recipes developed and ready to go, it's just a matter of finding the time to edit, write, post, etc.

So in the mean time I will keep sending out newsletters, posting photos on social media, posting updates on the blog and really really hoping you stay with me on the journey!

So let's see the rest of the cookies -- shall we? We don't have all day, now. Or do you? DO YOU!? STAY HERE WITH ME ALL DAY PLEASE!

Funny story...I love shoes. But I am not an extravagant person. Even when I was younger I worked multiple jobs, paid for school, kept a very level head.

But a girl can dream, and dream of fancy shoes, I do this often.

In reality running shoes are the only place I buy full price shoes. I spend more time in the gym than out anywhere else (other than work) so to me it's the only place I can justify spending a bit extra.

Currently my running shoes are ripping along the sides and have a giant hole in them. Which SOOKS because I can't afford to replace them right now. But they are pink and adorable and I love them :(

I actually went shoe shopping with a gift card and found TIFFANY BLUE NIKE FREE TRAINERS (my favouriteeee) and I ordered them at the store, had them delivered to my house, paid for them and was so happy. It was going to be my Valentine's Day gift...from me to me.

Valentine's Day I woke up. I got an e-mail from Foot Locker saying the shoes were unavailable and to go to a store and get a refund.

I wish I could tell you I didn't cry but I wept and wept like a little baby girl who lost her favourite teddy bear on the motor way.

So moral of the story is I had my heart broken by a running shoe and now I have a hole in my soul/sole literally and figuratively.

Speaking of hearts... Hearts as dresses! SUCH A FUN IDEA, RIGHT?!!

You know what's also fun...DRESSES AS....dresses.

Fun fact - the one with the sparkly sash was totes my least favourite.

But then I fell in love with it. And a lady at the shower was holding it and stopped to compliment me on my beautiful cookies and I was all like ' Awe sucks, thank you' and then I blushed and ran away.

I like to think this dress has 'movement'.

No I don't know what that means but it looks fancy, right?

And here is a small set of the cookies I posted on Instagram. @Summerbakes88 if you are interested in following me ;)

So, that's it for these bridal cookies, I guess! I hope you enjoyed random story time with me. I have made a comittment to myself to be more..myself.  In real life I don't have much of a filter. I make up raps for no reason and tell really long elaborate stories about my very strange life and overall never-ending streak of bad luck so...if you are into that sort of thing. WELCOME!

As for input please keep letting me know if you have tried recipes -- I also love that people are taking pictures of their orders and tagging me in them. THANK YOU <3

Smell you guys later!



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