Sunday 17 May 2015

Mother's Day: Cookies and a Fancy Brunch!

HAPPY....last week was..MOTHER'S DAY!!!

I spent all of last weekend preparing all of the various bits and bobs in this post to surprise my mama for Mother's Day.

I absolutely adored every step of the process.

Usually when I have a lot of orders to do...or a lot of things to do for blog posts and something goes wrong I freak out.

I panic and there are tears and oh boy. Bad news.

But this time was different. I think when you care enough for someone you're just willing to make them happy and taking time and effort is always worth it.

The entire meal was gluten free and made with the best ingredients I could get my hands on!

I even bought a new tablecloth and some flowers..

Apparently tablecloths come in SIZES...which I did not consider. Silly me!

And I later trimmed the flowers down so they weren't flopping around in peoples faces ;)

We had called my Aunt to come join us as she was in town for the weekend -- and I almost think that she was more surprised than mommy dearest!

But we all had a great time. And all mutually agreed I made WAY too much..Except for the galette. Definitely could have used at least ONE more!

So let's talk more about the spread. Fruit. Lots of fresh fruit! It's a brunch, after all.

I picked it all out -- tapping on melons and smelling things and inspecting.

Quality control, you know??

I did put aside some fruit for this beautiful cheesecake (double the recipe for one this size).

I tried to be fancy and make strawberry roses. Let's just say...I ate a lot of mistakes... :S

AND JUST LOOK AT THAT! Forgive how thick the crust is. We like the crust. But if you wanted you could just do 1 1/2 times the recipe for the crust and still have enough!

A big ol' fruit tray. 

And I made these scones. They were absolutely DELIGHTFUL! I really missed these beauties. They looked so nice even before they were baked. I love the little blueberry cross-sections.

And even lovelier baked! They are so soft and delicious on the inside. SO GOOD!

I mean... just check that out!

And I made a version of my gluten free muffins. OH MY. These were a show stopped. SHOW. STOPPER! GO MAKE THEM!!!!

Some veggies to snacky-snacky on. Oh how I love veggies.

I severely underestimated how long it takes to cook and wash large amounts of vegetables. So..many...veggies.

And you know what I did with even MORE vegetables?! MY GALETTE RECIPE! Oh man. This is definitely the highlight of the meal. Absolutely delicious -- everyone agreed!

In fact my Aunt kept joking -- "Ohhh this is too much food! Except the galette. You know, you could make at least one more of those!!!"

And she actually made her own galette with a pizza crust dough and it turned out beautifully!

And what kind of Mother's Day would it be without cookies? I wanted to do a floral theme for the special mommas in my life...

But for the life of me I couldn't think of a cheeky saying to right on them.

Very unlike me, really.

'Mom' seemed like the right thing to say, however.

And of course you have to put chocolates in the box, too. Let's not be ridiculous!

Then after brunch we headed over to my grandmas house. She is the ultimate mom. Grandma knows whats up. She always cooks up a storm and makes sure everyone is taken care of. She has been through a lot this year so she definitely deserved some treats this Mother's Day.

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT CAKE?! My Aunt is one talented lady. She made a beautiful teapot cake and I made teabag sugar cookies dipped in chocolate (strawberry chocolate!!!!) to go on the side.

For some reason tying the little strings on took forever.

And then the tape kept opening! But most teabags tags are did that.


So from my table to yours -- I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day. My mom is definitely my #1 blog supporter who is there to wipe my tears when I simply cannot get a recipe right or am too tired to roll out sugar cookie dough and feel like my brain will explode.

Thank you for being a positive role model in my life and for showing me that there is always something to be happy about.

Most importantly thank you for being my best friend. The first person I call with good or bad news. The first person I think of when I read something funny or listen to an old song we used to love. Thank you for watching Netflix on me late at night when my evening did not go as planned or when my feelings got hurt and heart broken. Thank you for remember the brand of almond milk I prefer and for always making sure I have cream for my coffee. Thank you for understanding I am not perfect but thinking that I am anyway.

Love you



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