Wednesday 13 January 2016

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 10: Chocolate Drips and Rainbows


Or non-party peoples. I'm more of a Netflix & snacks with copious blankets and tea on a Friday night kinda gal. But party peoples -- you have all of my respect ;)

What's been going on? Anything new and exciting in your life?

My work schedule has picked up right where it left off - chaos! And things have really been ramping up at the gym as I embark on a new training endeavor of learning the Olympic lifts!



How exciting is that?! To me? VERY! I have been strength training more seriously this past year and it has taught me so much. It has been an outlet, a frustrating experience and a rewarding experience. I made strides I did not think I would be able to and it's provided me with such relief and support to my mental health.

I cannot WEIGHT to call myself a legit weightlifter ;)

So I hope I can meet this new challenge with some enthusiasm! Here is some footage of my day 2 experience learning the Clean & Jerk (I did the snatch day 1!):

Crossfit Outlaw North is AMAZING! If you live in the Hamilton area you need to check them out.

Here is the progress of my snatch (yikes) so far -- if the video doesn't load you can see it here


Now let's see....what's the opposite of CrossFit and weightlifting....


So there has been a LOT of caking in my life. I am sure this post will be a testament to that. Also feel free to creep me on Instagram and see my cakin' life as it happens.

Chocolate Factory Cake: Hand dipped bits and bobs and tons of fun!

A Vanilla and Chocolate 'Frozen' Cake:

A Vanilla & Caramel Chanel Cake with Black Roses:

A Chocolate & Caramel Teal Ombre Style Cake:

OHHH this one was FUN! A Chocolate And Caramel Boxing Cake:

Aren't the gloves so fun?! Loved making them :D

Or how about this fabulous Chocolate Dulce De Leche Princess Cake?!

And one of my absolute favourite cakes to date: Kinder Egg Explosion!

And of course the fan favourite: 


Lots of cakes ;)

But you know that my life would be far too empty and unfulfilled without some cookies! Oh sugar cookies. There will always be a special place in my heart for you.

Even when I screw you up and put you in a plate that I call 'rejects' and allow my family to eat you because it pains me to see you and your grotesque imperfections.

But that's not what I'll be showing you today. Although I really ought to photograph the rejects they can be pretty.....interesting.

Necklace Cookies:

Curious George/ Circus Cookies for my favourite babies 1st birthday ( I can't wait to share the whole table my Aunt did an INCREDIBLE job!).

Pretty in Pink Birthday Cookies for a Birthday Girl:

Retirement cookies for a golfer -- these were so much fun! Loved making them :D! And the wonderful woman who they were for wrote me the sweetest thank you card <3

Welder Cookies -- These were a challenge because it was a hard balance to strike but I was happy with the final result!

Chains and welding torches on cookies? CHECK!

OMG I loved these ones. Parachutes and sunshines and rainbows. So bright and fun.

And butts. Naturally. 

This was Nicole's first order and I hope the cookies were really enjoyed. These aren't my first butt cookies and they certainly wont be my last ;) 

So I guess that's it from this tired blogger. I have so many things on the go and the more frequent training sessions have really left me scrambling.

But I just keep reminding myself it will all get done somehow. Some way. One cookie butt cheek at a time!

Until next time,

Happy Cookies, Cleans and Caking!



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