Tuesday 29 December 2015

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 9 : A Very Crazy Christmas



So ... You may recall in this post how the Christmas season royally kicked my little tuckus onto another planet in a galaxy so far away that I was unable to properly function for what felt like an eternity?

On a vaguely related note -- I seriously hope you made someone those cookies this holiday season because they are amazing. If you didn't ...well. I will spam you with chain-e-mails so vile you would swear they were from 2002. (PSST. CHECK OUT MY POST FROM LAST CHRISTMAS TOO!)

Just kidding. That's really mean!

I was looking through older posts and realized a new 'catch-ups' post was well overdue. On the non-baking side of things work has been pretty busy and I have been doing this new strategy where I try really really REALLY hard to not flip people off before 10am. So I basically save all my rage in this little jar inside my brain and then I go to the gym.


I open it and I squat and lift and swing away all that pent up rage. On the plus side I am noticing that I have leaned out and also gained strength.

On the down side I am really sore and will have to decrease the frequency once life gets busy again.

OH YEAH...WHAT ELSE?!??! I have been a busy baker. Like. Wow. All the cookies. And none in my mouth. What a saint, I am. And cupcakes.

Could you tell?

How about now?

Yep. A lot.

And as much as it pains me to do this -- these are all shot with my iphone because I just didn't have the time :( When I finish orders at night and send them off before/right after work then I have zero change of good lighting for my Canon SLR. Plus staging and all that takes time.

Oh it pains me so much. But I still have plenty of poopy photos to share!

I am actually splitting this post up into 2 because I realized that no sane human being wants to see that many dessert photos in one fell swoop.

Well...I mean, I do. But I'm just a wee bit batty ;)

I also made quite a butt-load of cakes. Those are scientific measurements.

But the bulk of those I will share in Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 10 for times sake.

The one above was an order where the client was kind enough to give me free reign -- which I LOVE! He wanted a Christmas cake and that's what I came up with!

I also made lots of fun cookies.

Those fun ones above were made for a friends charity called Friends With Hearts that raises money to buy gifts for children who otherwise would not be getting a gift-filled Christmas. The wrapping party was SO MUCH FUN! I gained valuable wrapping skills and the founder of #FWH is an absolute peach. Thanks Jay!

I also made some Christmas favour cookies which were a lot of fun! Elegant and simple cookies are my favourite to do.

Sometimes I get so caught up in other cookie artists work and how amazing they are and I get discouraged because I wish I was as talented or artistic.

But the reality is we are all differently abled and having fun is the most important part! And I had a great time making these :)

I especially love bright blue around Christmas. It's a great break from the typical colours but I think it still fits the theme of things really well.

Well..it WOULD but we just had our first snowfall in Canada which is the WEIRDEST thing I have ever seen. And it's not fun snow either. It's yucky wet slippery icy snow :(

So even though my December involved a lot of this:

And this:

I am so happy that I was able to share treats with so many wonderful people. The older I get the more I appreciate the nuances of life that I would have easily glossed over.

Every moment is a gift. And the bests gifts are cookies, aren't they?

See you soon with more updates, another contest and a new recipe!

Happy Holidayin'!


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