Saturday 12 April 2014

DIY Easter Chocolate


Oh how I miss posting frequently. On top of it all, I have some freaky weird stomach bug which makes me feel like garbaggio.

IT'S ALL GOOD THOUGH! Why? BECAUSE THEMED THINGS. We all know themed things are my life. I love having a theme to inspire my little creations. It makes things so fun!

Easter is next week (who is excited for a day off?!) so I will be doing some Easter/Spring themed goodies. Stay tuned for some pretty cookies as well!

Chocolate is probably the most popular Easter gift, especially for kids. I think making the chocolates yourself is a lot of fun and gives you the freedom to personalize your gifts.

On the agenda today: Easter Egg (hollow) filled with goodies and DIY Easter Egg Carrots! So cute! Put them in a box or cellophane bag with some ribbon and you're done! Or put them in little eggs for the kids to find on Easter. You choose the colours, treats inside, and can even involve the kids in the process of making them too ;)

Want to see how to do it?

Hollow Easter Egg 

You will need:

  • Chocolate candy melts or chocolate wafers in colours of your choice
  • Large plastic egg mold (I found mine at the dollar store) 
  • Small egg molds (also at the dollar store!)
  • Candies and treats/gifts to fill the mold with 
How To:

  1. Melt all of your chocolate separately and place in piping bags or bottle (optional) you can also use the chocolate straight out of the bowl and use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate on the mold.
  2. You want to create lines in each colour across your large mold first in one direction, the next colour in another direction, etc. The goal is to create a good structure so it won't break when you take it out of the mold.
  3. Repeat with the other mold or wait for your first one to set, take it out, and use the mold again for the second half of the egg. See picture:

You should end up with these:

Then you add in your treats, add extra chocolate around the edges and stick them together! I used M&Ms and Easter Bunny Gummies :)

The little carrots are very simple! 

Easter Carrot Chocolates

  1. Using small egg molds, make orange eggs. Stick the two halves together with melted chocolate.
  2. One parchment or wax paper, use melted green chocolate to make the green leafy carrot tops. Leave in the fridge for 5 minutes to set.
  3. Using green melted chocolate on the orange eggs, stick on your green tops and let dry.

I thought these were the cutest thing. I had orange chocolate and I was just going to make eggs and then I thought..hmm these look like little carrots! I also marbled the chocolate with white, but you can't really tell so you can omit that altogether.

Finished product:

These are all very simple and relatively quick to put together. I did let the chocolate dry for about a hour before I handled it--also, the process goes by faster if you allow the chocolate to set in the fridge or freezer instead of allowing it to dry on the counter in order to get them out of the molds!

I hope you are all as excited for some Spring weather as I am, here in Canada we have had a rough go this Winter and I'm ready for some sun. ANY sun. Really.

Don't celebrate Easter? It's ok! I made these for Spring really. Spring is worth celebrating, TRUST ME.

Hope you are all healthy and well!

Happy Carrot Molding!


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