Saturday 12 April 2014

New Recipe Index!

Hello again!

Just wanted to point out a new page on the blog...
If you look to your right, on the side bar you should see:

If you click on the recipe index page you will be brought to here:

Where all my recipes on the blog are organized into click-able links!

This makes it easier for me when I need to go back and find a recipe as opposed to searching or looking through the labels (there are so many labels! Eep!)

Hope this is helpful, let me know if it is or isn't!



  1. FYI the index is incredibly helpful. Since I just discovered your blog and it already had the index, I can't imagine it without it! I also feel very weird about being one of the only ones commenting on your blog, but weirdness isn't going to stop me from doing something. That's partly how Canadians end up in South Korea!

    1. LOL My Aunt lived in South Korea for a while, actually! You aren't weird -- I appreciate the comments! It makes me feel special! :D I actually find the index helpful too -- sometimes I forget what I have done and I use that as a reference!