Tuesday 8 April 2014

Pinterest Nails #2: Nailed It or Failed It ?!

Time for another edition of 'Pinterest Nails' - the series where I search 'nails' in the Pinterest search bar, find the first picture of nails and do a tutorial! Why? Because most of these links just go to an image leaving you wonder how the heck they did it!

Case and point:

# Of Repins: 8338
Source: No idea
Link: Links to Image 

This looks quite similar to the last one I did! Popular nail artist and a popular look!

While this was easier than the last look, I still ran into trouble. Mostly because I am very tired, it's getting late and I am exhausted. Alas, it's okay!

 You Will Need:

  • Base and Top Coat
  • Peach/Pink Polish
  • Black Polish
  • Glitter Polish
  • Dotting tools or bobby pins

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply Nude polish to thumb, pointer and ring fingers. Do this for both hands, usually two coats of polish and allow to dry.
  3. Apply glitter polish to middle finger and black polish to pinky (for both hands)
  4. Once polish has dried use your dotting tool to create polka dots on both ring fingers.
  5. Next, use your dotting tools small end to create two dots beside one another. This is the top of your heart. Slowly drag the colour down to a point to make your heart!
  6. Apply top coat once design has had sufficient time to dry.

That's it! Easy peasy. Except....I kept fidgeting and ruining my nails and having to do the SAME NAIL over and over and over...and then I just gave up!

Also the shape of my nails and colours I used are not the same...but sometimes you just have to compromise. Is it perfect? No. But this look was much easier to recreate than the last one! Here's to hoping these get easier ;)

I really like the colours together, very cute!

What do you think? Do you hate it when you can't find a tutorial on nail art, or do you use them as inspiration only?

Happy Dotting!

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