Friday 6 June 2014

Birthday Cookies and a Hello Kitty Birthday Party!

Nothing beats themed parties.

I'm sorry if you disagree...but you're wrong!

So when my Aunt decided on a Paris & Hello Kitty themed 9th birthday for my cousin....I was THRILLED. I think I was more excited than the birthday girl!

And when she asked me to decorated cookies...I was even more excited! My Aunt is 100% the most talented decorator I know. She does fondant, macarons and cake pops like nobodies business. So the party was absolutely GORGEOUS.

I wanted to share my cookies...but mostly just show you how beautiful her dessert table(s) were!

BTW you cam find her on Facebook! Her page name and business name is: Pour Toi Sweets and here is a link! Check out all her other stuff too! She does AMAZING things. AHHH MAAAYY ZING!

Also, fun fact: 9 year olds today are way too advanced. Iggy Azalea and Iphones? Unreal!!!

Let's start with the table:

Look at the little Hello Kitty bags for the popcorn! The cute!!!!

Her macarons...unbelievable. I don't eat sugar very often, but those macarons! AHH!

Let's check out the cake and cookies!

Cake pops and chocolate dipped pretzels! All the little details are amazing.

 Chocolate-dipped oreos look unbelievable. They were PERFECT. Glossy and ahh! I lost my mind.

Cupcakes and macarons and whoopie pies oh my!

And the piece de resistance:

My grandma and I were playing with the fondant make-up. We had a photo-shoot where she pretended to use it all on me. It was the cutest thing in the world, no joke!

Cookies, cookies, cookies!

French poodles, birthday cakes, moustaches, Eiffel towers and ice cream cones!!!! 

My Aunt was kind enough to send me pictures because I totally ran out of time to take close-ups of the cookies! Oopsiieee!

It was a lot of fun to see how excited the girls all were with their treats. They ate half the table, did cartwheels, and blew bubbles and then went back for more. Little girls do balance so well!

I was in Hello Kitty heaven. I will force Hello Kitty themes upon any potential children I may have. Or just throw Hello Kitty parties for myself.

Do you have any character obsessions? Mine are Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and of course, the adorable cat herself, HK!

Have a happy, pink, sprinkly day! Just hopefully without the sugar crash ;)



  1. You need to start your own business

    1. Thank you Kristen! I wish! Maybe one day :)

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