Thursday 19 June 2014

Father's Day Sugar Cookies

A bit belated but I wanted to share my Father's Day stuff! Dad's are so great, aren't they?

They usually aren't very fussy. What's for dinner? Food? Great!

Don't usually care about clothes, hair or anything else. I have hair, still? GREAT!

And they are pretty easy to please. You bought me a thing? COOL. Where's the remote?

This rule also applies for my grandpa. He is the absolute sweetest thing in the WORLD.

This Father's Day my siblings and I brought dad the gift of food, gift cards and good company. But on top of that I had to make cookies!

But you just knew I would, didn't you?

Dr. Dad was my theme! I worked at my dad's medical office alongside other jobs to help pay for school -- and it always makes me so proud of what he does. Why not show that appreciation in a cookie!

Yes, those are needles. LOL Gruesome, I know! I saw the design online and I thought it was cute :)

Scrubs and coats! I loved these little cookies. 

Want to see the rest??? Let's go!

 Proper doctor's coat was in order, too! Along with a flag to cheer him on and a mustache. My dad never has had a mustache....I just felt like it deserved to be there!

True story, when I showed my dad these cookies he picked out the heart and said "Oh, cool, is this like an EKG?" to which I replied "Yep!". Then he kindly informed me that if that was accurate then that person would shortly DIE. Thanks, pops!


Time to pack them up for daddy-o...which was at first a struggle:

Row by row....

Squishing them...

Ah, there we go!

That was it! Cookies are nice and easy because they travel well.  I really wanted to do cupcakes but my dad isn't huge into sweets, so I thought the cookies were a more reasonably sized treat.

How was your father's day? Relaxing? I hope so. Goodness knows that's probably all dad wanted to do anyway!

Lots of love to all of you and your dads, grandpas and other important dads too! 


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