Tuesday 21 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups 4

As you can tell...these are Nintendo cookies.

For my brother Ali's birthday last year I made him these.  So I wanted to stick within the same theme but do something a little bit different.

I wanted to do Super Mario but I panicked and thought I would screw it up :(

To make Toad I had to use a muffin cookie cutter and round the tops a bit with my fingers before baking them. Sorry lumpy headed Toads!

Here are some Fire flowers:


And the little collection:

When I was around 6 or 7 my parents bought me a Super Nintendo. It was the best day ever. My mom and dad hung out with me all night and we played Mario and had a swell old time.

I think I have always been surrounded by video games, though. From my Uncle's old Atari to the original NES -- I have always thought there something so special about video games.

So naturally as a grown up waiting all night for the PS4 to come out and taking trips with my youngest brother whenever a new game comes out...well, that's totally normal, right!??

All the new fancy stuff is great -- but I do miss my Nintendo/Super Nintendo days. I will forever have a soft spot for my gaming pals <3

And I am totally referring to the characters in the games. I thought they were legit people in my life. How much cooler would my life be if that were the case?! Infinitely cooler. 

Let's have a quick peek at the cake!

A four layer dark chocolate cake with caramel, yes CARAMEL buttercream, chocolate ganache and caramel drizzle.

Oh and of course Caramilk pieces for every slice. 

My family loved it -- and so did the birthday boy. Urr...Umm...well I think. He's turning 20 -- for some reason they just don't get as excited as the rest of us ;)

I found these super slim candles and I thought they were SO COOL!



Anywho that's my brothers birthday desserts! I also made cake pops from the leftover cake. They were so good!!!!

Not a bad spread, if I do say so myself!

Another busy week of orders is ahead of me -- how is your April going? With all the rain my migraines are in full blown crazy mode!

Happy Cake, Cookie and Catchin' Up!



  1. So is this catch-up 4 or catch-up 5 per the picture? Lol - must be a super-busy, stressful month! And I know you promised you'd be spilling the beans on some other stuff - you claim in your FAQ that you eat EVERYTHING you post on the blog, but does that include the treats that include refined sugar and gluten? Or are you all gluten-free, all the time? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

    1. Oh my goodness! It's 4!! LOL I just changed it thank you! I am gluten free all the time save for maybe once a year and I always regret it! hahah I stick to eating my treats for the most part. Especially because most of the cookies and cakes are for other people -- I bet they'd be upset if pieces disappeared! hahah But like I say, I am not a purist by any means. I don't like 100% sugar free all the time. Gluten free, yes, though! Or else my body hates me more than it does already ;)

    2. Eating my 'healthy' treats** Boy oh boy I want to go back to bed!