Tuesday 7 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups!



Well it's been pretty crazy over here. Maybe not on the blog -- because that's been pretty quiet -- but IRL it has been cray.

But cray is good. Lots of small fun orders and events to create for! This has forced me to prioritize on the baking and less on the photography. So I apologize for the not so professional looking photos you will see over the next week. But you know what? Sometimes life isn't perfect and there isn't time for studio lighting and white boards and photo props.

That doesn't make the end product any less worthy of being photographed! Besides -- I think it's a good thing to put everything I made out there! Even *I* use my own blog as a reference point. Life gets hectic -- I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone which cookies I made months ago.

These were Jurassic Park/Dino themed cookies -- just in case that wasn't obvious ;)

As usual they are decorated with royal icing -- I added the eggs in there for fun because -- why not! The skeleton ones were my favourite! I picked up the cutters about a year ago from Winners and have been dying to use them ever since.

Check out the rest of these cutie pie monster ..things.

I called the little stegosaurus cookies the derpiest dino twins ever. And that's how I like 'em! They look so adorable with their big bug...er..dino eyes!

Don't these guys look like zombie-dinos?! "Brains! I mean EGGS! I WANT EGGSSSS."

And of course the big mac daddy. The big kahuna. The KING himself.

He may just be my favourite cookie to date! It helps that he was a bit bigger, too. It can be so hard to get fine details on small cookie.

He is an egg thief who stole dino eggs from the other dino friends to eat for breakfast. He's such a meanie! But those were actually chocolate malt eggs and they were hella delicious...so I can't be mad!

ALSO I made a 'Tuxedo Truffle' cake. This time I chose to make a from scratch cake with white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and real Lindt truffles on the top with chopped dark chocolate pieces.

And those are oreo bits adorning the sides ;)

OH and those are chocolate pearls on top.

I only snapped a few shots before I boxed it up but let me just say...this cake was INTENSE! So many components and different flavour profiles that shacked up together in holy matrimony to create the most luxurious and decadent cake, maybe ever.

And just so I am not tooting my own horn -- because I really really hate doing that -- I garnered these comments from everyone who ate it: "The best cake I have ever had. Ever." "Nonna that came from a family of bakers said she had never seen anything like it" and finally "I ate all that was left over and I felt sick. Why did I do it. But it was really, really good."

And that sums it up! LOL

I apologize for the quick snap of the inside -- I just wanted to give a show of how the middle layers all worked out.

Just goes to show you -- when you put time and love into something it really does make a difference. Don't rush things! I get into bad habits where I stress out because I have a lot of different things to do all the time and that's when I start making really silly mistakes.

For large cakes and large cookie orders it's all about simplifying things, being organized and staying calm!

I have lots of more cookies, cakes and catching up to do this week so stay tuned! I promise I will get back to my regular ol' healthy recipe posting soon!


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