Wednesday 31 December 2014

Christmas Goodies & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!.....'s eve.

Long time no blog -- at least it feels that way anyways. I am the kind of person who the second a day off comes along I come down with a cold or virus bug of some sort. It was true while I was in school and it seems the tradition carries on! Hallelujah!

I just stopped by to say HI! And to share with you SOME, yes SOME of the goodies I made for Christmas this year as well as links to the recipes I used for them. Now you know me -- I love to experiment. That's why I have this blog, right? But in a pinch I always always fall back to tried and true recipes. Christmas and other holidays just isn't the time to mess around. And knowing me the tears would never stop if I messed up!

This will be a primarily food porn based post. So you are WELCOME. But before that I want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you to every single person who messaged, texted or simply told me in person that they appreciate my blog and posts. You don't really know how much it means and I remember every singly kind word. And that's not a joke. I really do -- I have a weirdly good memory that way!

If you have ever commented on the blog or on my Facebook page or e-mailed me -- that means so much. I am on a mission with this blog and you being a part of it with me is the most wonderful thing you could do. So thank you. I send a million and one cookies your way straight on through to 2015. Maybe I will send you 2, 015 cookies. Yes. That seems fair.

So onto the nom noms, mmmmmmk??

These are my ever so famous sugar cookies (seriously they are so delicious) and I use this recipe right here! For royal icing I use a variation of this one but I usually only make 1/2 batches at a time. The recipe never fails me, ever. Okay once -- but that was my fault!

Next I made these beautiful cake pops -- check them out!

Find the cake pop method here from the creator of them herself! To get a swirl on the chocolate I melted different colours of chocolate and gently - GENTLY - poured them into the same cup. It turned out lovely!

Next are these Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars. My very pregnant (not anymore!) Aunt had sent me the recipe from Pinterest. And as it turns out the day I made them for her -- out came the baby! These bars are INSANE. I added 1 egg to the cookie dough portion and up'd the baking time by 10 minutes. But they were legit. I also topped it with melted chocolate and skor bits.

I made these Oreo Cheesecake Brownies which were not AS beloved as the aforementioned cheesecake bars but still VERY INSANELY AMAZING!

I also made cupcakes using the same recipe I used here but with a white chocolate buttercream from Sally's Baking Addiction. These cupcakes were showstoppers. A simply swirl and white chocolate accents elevates them to a very sophisticated level!

And of course I made other things like breakfast bars and cookies and on and on and on.

But hopefully these recipes are of some use to you. I definitely love them and so did everyone who tried them!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year filled with laughter and love and wonderful things.

Just come back to me when you need some healthy pick-me-ups after all that bubbly, okay?

Happy New Years'n!


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