Thursday 27 March 2014

Feeding My Cookie Addiction: Transformer's Edition {Autobots VS. Decepticons}


There is no reason needed for transformers cookies other than this:

But also my special someone is obsessed with transformers and I wanted to make these for his birthday! Along with cupcakes and spiderman cookies to be shared with you soon!

These cookies were brought to you by these:

Which you can read about in my post here.

So all I did was prepare my flood icing:

Yay fun flood icing! Yay toothpicks!

I flooded my cookies one at a time, and dropped the transfer on top ensuring it would be in the middle of the cookie. And that was that! My only advice? Be stingy on the icing. I used a lot and it kind of oozed a little bit...OOPS! Also don't forget to add the transfer right away or before the icing dries! This will adhere it to the cookie!

My transfers did break when I put them on the cookie because my surface wasn't 100% flat. It's ok. Don't panic! Just push the pieces together before the icing sets!

Don't they look so fun?!

Want more pictures? Keep Reading!

Ohh this picture just doesn't do that purple justice! It's so vibrant!

So much fun!



I hope these pictures assured you that royal icing transfers can be a success! It was such a relief to only have to prepare a few colours and not use any tips or couplers! 

Do you have a transformers fan in your life? Are you as excited for the movie as *ahem* someone I know is??

Happy Transforming! 


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