Thursday 13 March 2014

Sea of Green: St. Patrick's Day Cookies

St. Patrick's day is coming up, and you already know my love of themed things! Plus minty things are green and I like minty things ESPESH if there is chocolate with it. Also, it gave me a reason to buy gold coins...I used to LOVE gold coins when I was little. Why are these not a thing anymore?

Safe to say, 10 hours later, I have some very green and more importantly, adorable little treats to share! See those cupcakes up there? STAY TUNED FOR THOSE BAD BOYS! Not now..but like later? Not a lot later...Like a few hours? Who cares, because, COOKIESS!!!

To start off? Grab your favourite sugar cookie recipe, your favourite frosting (or the royal icing I mentioned from before!) and these cookie cutters:

Leprechaun* Dangit!

Now for a bit of colour...keep reading to see the rest of how to make these beautiful sugar cookies!

First, here are some tips.

Roll your dough between two sheets of parchment paper! Less mess and you don't dry the dough from adding too much flour by flouring your surface and tools. You can tape it to the table so it doesn't slide around!

Add colouring in small batches

Need to thin out your royal icing? Use a dropper to avoid adding too much liquid. 

Place your cut-outs in the fridge before you bake them. See how nicely these baked?!

Design How-To's: 

Shamrock Cookies:
  • Use green flood icing to cover entire cookie
  • Add simple designs (like polka-dots), writing or green sprinkles!
  • Haniela on YouTube has some great ideas! *video below*

Gold Coins:
  • Use gold (a mixture of yellow, orange and red) flood icing
  • Wait to dry, then add '$" in black or in more of the gold icing!
Pot of Gold Cookies:
  • Use a cupcake cookie cutter for the shape
  • Flood black icing for the pot
  • Start by sporadically placing gold coins (dots)
  • Allow these to dry fully.
  • Add more dots next to the first layer of dots. Allow to dry.
  • Keep adding until the pot is full!
  • Ideally I'd make the coins larger than mine...It ended up looking like popcorn. But you get the idea and in the end it turned out cute! You could also use yellow/gold edible confetti sprinkles. Use whatever you have!
As you can see I tried writing little '$' on them to make them look like coins...and not..popcorn.. -_-

Leprechaun/Cute Hobbit-like Cookies:

  • For these I used the #1, #2 and #3 Wilton tips
  • Begin by tracing your design with edible markers. Pipe hair first. 
  • Pipe on your ivory icing (brown and white food colouring). Allow to dry FULLY!
  • Once dry, pipe on eyebrows, little dot eyes, nose and mouth.
  • I added some rosy cheeks with a little brush of rose colour
  • Add other accents as you see fit! I ran out of room because I made the head pretty large. But the sky is the limit with these. 
  • Yes. Mine do not look like leprechauns. Also, I cannot spell leprechauns. I have spelled it wrong every time I have written it. Thanks spell-check!
  • I am sorry Ireland for my cookies! They were cuter in my head. As most things are. But they are green...that's something, right?!

How lucky am I to have such cute company?

Reveling in our gold doubloons! Are those for pirates? I don't know. GOLD!

The best part of being snowed in? Having help! Thank you to my little cousin and little brother!

They did a pretty great job, don't you think!?

I hope these inspired you to think green this St.Patrick's Day! You can make designs as simple or complex as you want, and even recruit little helpers, too :)

Happy Baking!


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