Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cookies Cakes & Catch-Ups 12: Rosettes and Girly Glamour

Guten Tag!

It is I. The long lost blogger of the usual healthy treats but also sometimes layer cakes land. I report to you now a few weeks into my new job as a Pastry Baker working nights and I have come out...well...I won't say triumphant but I am alive and I am learning so much my head feels like it's going to fall off. 

I thought I was on my grind before -- BUT IT HATH JUST BEGUN!

Because that is the case -- even when I am cooking/baking at home it's pretty minimal and I definitely don't have the time for a proper food post because of how time consuming food photography and editing is. WHICH IS A DAMN SHAME because I have bought some killer food styling props lately. Marshall's, Winners, Homesense. The holy trinity. God bless. 

SO this post is just another recap. I like to do these after I have accumulated enough fun photos of cakes and things to share. If you're new to the blog then know that these are for my side baking business -- the blog related things are the recipes and other tidbits that you can find at the right side bar ;)

SPEAKING OF BUSINESS! It has basically come to a halt. I had to cancel this months orders because the bakery is nearing Thanksgiving Doomsday prep. Please forgive me <3

I have so many beautiful girly things to do. MY FAVE!!!! I reallllllly miss decorating. I get to bake a lot at the bakery (ok ok that's obvious) but I miss my glitter and sprinkles and frosting!!

When my most supportive friend orders a cake for his mom -- I had to go all in! I loved creating this piece and I was so happy to get snapchats of her reaction <3

This beauty below is a floral peach and mint cake with all kinds of vanilla on the inside! And rainbow jimmies because the birthday girl loves them!

Dulce de leche and vanilla cake on the inside. A beautiful gold buttercream array on the out :D!

GF Vegan Donuts. Not for the cake but they match, don't you think?!

My favourite baby cookies of all time for the cutest mom to be!

These vanilla bean donuts I decorated with crushed meringue and shortbread crumbs. YUM!

I made this cake for my former boss when I worked at the Y for her surprise work shower. She has the most STUNNING little girl now -- she's finally loose! I will definitely miss working with this incredible strong and amazing woman.

I have done enough henna cookies at this point to be sort of obsessed. Before Eid Al-Fitr this year my Aunt and Mom surprised me with little cones of real henna and it was actually debilitatingly addictive. SO MUCH FUN! As it turns out though -- I should stick to just piping with icing lol.

Okay so buttercream flowers and glitter and sparkles and gold is all great. Now on to the LESS girly items (equally cool and exciting).


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Gluten Free Peaches & Cream Muffins


SOOO things have been not so peachy keen jelly bean.

Well. I suppose that is a bit hyperbolic. Things indeed have been peachy as it is peach season (albeit the tail end which is violently upsetting because summer is my favourite OR MY NAME ISN'T SUMMER!!!!!).

This summer has been a bit tumultuous. Some health problems really flared and I think my mental health really took an impact when I made a huge decision to quit my job.

Yep. I quit my salary job, within days of that decision had  an interview at my favourite bakery in town and ba-ding-ba-da-boom I start next week.

While I look back at being an M.A and law school hopeful I can't help but become overcome with anxiety. I think a lot of people look at this jump I am making and don't fully understand how hard it has been and will be. Some people are supportive and understandably a lot of people aren't and that's okay.

Leaving something stable and being well-educated lends itself to people having certain expectations. A lot of this past week has been separating what OTHER people want me to VS what I want to do.

To be honest I think staying at my day job was out of fear of what people would think of me if I quit. Quitting to work in a bakery to get experience? Working on expanding my small business and growing my client base? INSTEAD OF LAW SCHOOL OR A PhD?!!!!!

The reality is. I almost died. For reasons I won't get into right now but I struggled with my health for a very long time. Mentally -- Grad school really broke my spirit and it took me a long time to function as a normal person after that. Going out or being social or even really just being 'me' was never an option. Having a blog where I can somewhat be vocal (I know I am not Sallys Baking Addiction with millions of views but that's okay) has been huge. And in the end my business and blog are what allowed me to get my bakery job because it became an easily accessible portfolio that really portrayed who I am,

Why is this important? If I die tomorrow I don't want to live a life without passion -- including at least ATTEMPTING to pursue a career in a field that fills me with joy. Has it been hard? Hell yeah. Financially especially as I try and escape my student loans. But I am living and breathing and that really should be all that matters. Society complicates that for us but our human essence is driven biologically by the desire to survive so in the most basic sense I should be thrilled. 


Why am I telling you this amidst photos of beautiful muffins??!

Because I hope it gives you the courage you need to take a risk, however small, in finding your happiness. I want you to know that finding your happiness is a long road.

It may involve finding your misery first. Maybe a lot of misery and heart ache and struggle. But if you can break free from whatever it is that's holding you back you will hit the bed every day feeling like you are truly moving towards something.

It may be starting a blog or finally becoming a certified personal trainer. Or maybe taking some certificate courses at a local college.

At the end of the day if you are living for someone else it's not them that gets impacted, it's you.

So outside of my snarky sarcasm and offbeat sense of humour I have been doing a lot of thinking and just wanted to share. If I can motivate one of you little stud muffins then, that shall be enough for me :)


I have been watching a lot of South Park. Forgive me ;)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Knob Creek Bourbon Night at The Mule: A Hamilton Food Review?! Featuring a DRINK RECIPE!



Life has swallowed me whole and spit out a few curls.

Before it totally digests me, though. I am blogging an event I attend last month live from the belly of the beast. Honestly, it's pretty decent wifi from in here, tbh. Password is: FML2016. Very modern.

When Nathalie from Praxis PR e-mailed me about attending a Bourbon Night presented by Knob Creek at The Mule downtown Hamilton I squealed a bit.


Chef Matt (I do believe) at the Mule created a Southern inspired menu JUST for us! And @whisky_chef (follow him, guys!) Matt Jones took us through an amazing history of Jim Beam, Basil Hayden's, Knob Creek and bourbon in general. I honestly had no idea about 99.9% of what he was talking about so I felt like my head was exploding with knowledge afterwards.

Or it was the bourbon. OOPS?!

I got this cool name tag which made me feel super legit even though I think I was the only person who had no idea what was happening D:

The night began with cocktails, made with bourbon, NATCH.

The honey ginger cocktail below was absolutely unreal. Each cocktail was crafted with such passion and the heat of the bourbon paired surprisingly well with the already spicy ginger. The honey sort of coated your throat after. Simply lovely!

I really ought to pay more attention to drinks -- it's a whole other world out there!
That peach and watermelon salad? UNBELIEVABLE!

To be fair, though. The Mule is simply amazing even beyond this event. If you have been downtown Hamilton lately it really has transformed in terms of the food scene. The Mule is on King William so it's fairly central -- the decor inside is the enchantingly rustic, vibrant yet elegant mismatched decor that makes you feel like you're in a movie. Yes I am lame, shushhh!

Beyond King William there are soooo many lovely places to eat at James Street North, Locke Street, Augusta Street and beyond. I am so proud of the entrepreneurs that have built up downtown to be a really trendy area, again. It's encouraged a lot of business that I think had otherwise decided that downtown Hamilton was less exciting than Toronto. NO WAY T DOT YOU JUST STEP OFF, OK? OK DRAKE? YOU HEAR ME!?

I will admit I felt a bit far removed from the other amazing food bloggers there that had such a vast experience with the goods the local scene has to offer. I am starting to branch off a bit more from my pretty restrictive/not so adventurous food intake. BY THE WAY -- they were all so lovely. I met so many lovely ladies at my table and it became my beautiful little safety bubble for the night! haha 

I am trying to be less rigid and explore more -- oh and just having a free evening to do that is kind of impossible so I am hoping to make time for that, too!

Wait until you see the beauty. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Salted Caramel Brownie No-Churn Vegan Ice Cream

Visions of large marble slabs and tiny compartments of different candies, chocolates, sprinkles, breakfast cereals and syrups were dancing around my brain before this photo shoot.

As much as I am the type of person that values whole foods, nutrient density and a paleo-esque way of eating -- I still think there is something so magical about those ice cream experiences waiting in line at a beach front for a giant cartoon-like swirl of your favourite soft-serve -- or waiting impatiently at a Cold Stone Creamery to add in your favourite mix-ins.

I am getting old ( late 20s you are the WORST) and as a result I find myself getting overly nostalgic but still overly concerned over the state of my body and how to improve it while that's still somewhat manageable (OK I KNOW I AM BEING DRAMATIC).

Cue: Allergen friendly ice cream. Made with coconut milk, dates, fleur de sel and almond milk but it tastes absolutely decadent and creamy.

I was pouring through the internet trying to find the best way to sweeten it when I came across recipes using date paste - thank you internet!

I have used date paste in my healthy Twix Bars and Protein Crunchy Caramel Bars. OH and my Healthy Snickers Bars, too! So I was beyond happy to pull out my bag of dates again.

The weather the past few weeks has been wonderfully warm. Maybe too warm, at times. But I am not complaining -- laying out on my deck getting some pretty weird tanlines has always been my favourite summer-time activity ;)

BUT with the heat comes craving some cold treats. Iced coffees (dolla dolla drinks, y'allll!) and ice cream and popsicles and anything else to keep cool, really.

I LOVE Oreo McFlurry's. Honestly if I could eat them everyday without consequence, I would. I have no shame.

But sadly outside of the sugar content the dairy causes me intense stomach pain. Kind of like I am being stabbed. Whaddup lactose intolerance!

My Aunt introduced me to some paleo-friendly ice cream from the supermarket but honestly....this stuff just blows it out of the water. I wish it didn't. I wish I could go pick up a tiny overpriced tub of what tasted like vaguely flavoured coconut water BUT ALAS I CANNOT BECAUSE IT SUCKS IN COMPARISON TO THIS STUFF.

I can't wait to turn this into an ice cream cake because DQs ice cream cakes are my jam and they similarly torture my soul with their siren's song.


And don't worry. Now that I know how easy it is to make no-churn ice cream at home without an ice cream maker I will be coming up with lotsssss of fun variations for you ;)

I chose Salted Caramel Brownie to start because the date paste is already caramel-y. I added some caramel flavouring but you don't have to! And brownie because those protein bars are SO delicious and even better to have a healthy brownie mixed in, right?!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups 11: Chocolate Gold and All Pink Everything!

Alright, stop.

Collaborate and listen.

New cakes and cookies on Feeding my ADDICTION!

Did that work? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Fun Fact...I don't know how to spell collaborate, apparently. Thanks spellcheck!

In terms of catching up -- following me on social media is probably easier than bogging you down with my life story in this post. BUT as per tradition, I like to show you what I have been up to every so often.

ALSO PLEASE MAKE MY NEW DONUT RECIPE! They are seriously too good to pass up. I promise.

Orders at have been bumpin' lately! I need to hire someone to re-do both sites but.. WHO HAS THE TIME!

You can tell that I have been having a HUGE love affair with chocolate and gold.

And maybe peanut butter, too? Just an FYI my peanut butter cakes are also full of Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Reese's Cups ;)

I have also been obsessed with MINI cakes. Only 4 inches in diameter but still enough cake for 5-6 people. They're the cutest stinkin' little cute things EVER!

Oh. Let's look at... more chocolate and gold? OH, ALRIGHT!