Monday 28 July 2014

Eid Sugar Cookies

Eid Mubarek ! Kulla sanna wa'entom tayabeen!

If you are celebrating today this means you had a successful Ramadan and now it's time to party! With cookies. I spent the entire weekend baking LOTS of treats that  I cannot wait to share with you all.

I am very excited to share these with my family, too! I remember as a young child always watching my grandma make lots of different cookies for Eid every year. And I could not be happier to be bringing some cookies to the table this year!

Ramadan is always a time for reflection -- and peoples all over the world have felt that more than ever in recent years. Where ever you are, I pray you find some time to spend with loved ones. For that in and of itself is the greatest blessing.

And with that, I will not have much to say today -- just know there are so many amazing desserts to be seen on the blog in the next little while so you will want to stay tuned!

Thursday 24 July 2014

Chocolate Turtle Protein Cookies

I have made a LOT of protein cookies this week. Significantly more cookies have been made than I have disclosed on the blog. I am taste-testing. This is an elaborate process....Yeah...that's exactly what it is!

So rest assured when I say these are the BEST YET. They really are. I waited for 10 other people to verify this fact before I went public with the news.

The. Best. Yet.

Pecan, toffee, chocolate and a warm soft and chewy cookie = taste bud euphoria. So you are welcome. By the way -- these are PROTEIN cookies. Which means you don't have to feel bad about eating these in the morning or post-workout or post-post-workout or pre-workout for a day that isn't even that day but who cares because MMMM.

They are soft and fudgey and the pecan crunch gives the best texture ever. Oh and also chocolate. Enough said. Just check out this seductive birds-eye view:

I won't blab on about these cookies. But they are seriously a satisfying and delicious cookie that rivals any ordinary cookie on the market. And these aren't ordinary are they? No. No they are not.

Let's see the recipe!

Tuesday 22 July 2014

No Bake Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Squares

My mom posted a picture and recipe for decadent peanut butter squares on my facebook wall a couple evenings ago with the caption "This will be easy for you...maybe you can make a guilt-free version?!?" to which I replied with....well nothing immediately... But little did she know her daughter dearest drafted up a recipe that very same night!

Speaking of Facebook -- did you know I had a Facebook page? I do! I am thinking of how to grow this little blog of mine so I figured....why not? I will post lots of fun stuff on there as time goes on, too!

Probably the most delicious imaginable dessert/healthy treat I have ever seen. How adorable are these squares?

Best of all they are loaded with healthy whole grains (oats) healthy fats (coconut oil and peanut butter) and dark chocolate which is good for your heart AND soul. Did you know these were no-bake, too? Well there you go. Bonus points now reaching 5,000.

The whole family was salivating over these bars -- they are filling and satisfying with a sweet and crunchy little mouth feel that makes me want to do the mamba. I don't know what the mamba is...or how to dance. But in my head I would be doing it.

And you can't blame me, can you! Look at these! They are so chewy and amazing. You will not be able to convince anyone these are healthy. Which may work out because they will say "No, no...I cannot indulge in these, I am watching my weight" to which you will say "But they are healthy, I SWEAR" and when they decline again you can bring them home and eat them all. Because practicing moderation in moderation means eating entire pans of peanut butter squares is A-OK!

Just kidding. These are so loaded with protein and good stuff you can't overeat them because it's near impossible. Bad news, I know.

I know what you are thinking-- "Summer...good for me peanut butter squares...shut your pie hole and get to sharing the recipe!"

And I shall oblige you, dear reader. Worry not!

Monday 14 July 2014

Coconut Cranberry Breakfast Cookies {with Protein!}

I love chocolate. I talk about it here and here and here. I just love it. But to me, there is a time and place for chocolate. While I may think about chocolate all the time, I don't ALWAYS want to eat it. OKAY that's a lie. I do.

Are you an early morning chocolate eater? I can't seem to hack it. I prefer chocolate at night for some reason. Maybe it's because that's when I tend to wind down and relax (probably not uncommon) and chocolate has always been a 'night-time' food for me. I definitely enjoy a square of dark chocolate with some herbal tea in the evenings. And by one square, let's be clear...I mean three.

So I decided to make another protein cookie recipe but one that you could have early in the morning, too! Dare I say...for breakfast? Chuck a few in your bag and you are good to go in a pinch!


Yes...there is technically chocolate in these. But not AS chocolatey as these protein cookies. So pretty much that means they are a breakfast food. And of course if you are a crazy person you can leave out the chocolate.

So if you are anything like me and hate the mornings pretty intensely then it's a miracle you can even put on pants and be at work before noon without a traffic violation or wardrobe malfunction. That deserves a breakfast cookie or two, wouldn't you say?

These cookies are not even real life. They are some strange, warm, soft and chewy figment of my over active cookie-magination. Never have cookies disappeared so quickly in my house. Even my last batch was amazing but these...they are some sort of strange gypsy magic I have never before experienced. It's like ....if all the magic of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were somehow contained in a cookie then... well, I suppose that would describe these pretty well.

I honestly had no idea what I was doing making this recipe. I just started throwing (gently placing) things into a bowl -- and none of it really made sense. But now I have seen the light. The warm, sweet, satisfying, chewy and delicious light.

So let's get you that recipe, sleepy head. Maybe then you can hit the snooze just ONE MORE TIME. (FYI...once is never enough).

Cinnamon Roll Protein Cake

I went armed into my kitchen. With a hope and a dream. And a cinnamon stick. Or 10.

It was do or die. Make or break. SUCCEED OR FAIL. Gluten free, refined sugar free.. high protein..Cinnabon Cake? With...lots of healthy fats and amazing cinnamon swirl factor? No...No I couldn't do it...


I did do it.

I am not sure where the inspiration came from. Cinnabon is more or less synonymous with indulgence and sinfully rich amazingness.  I used to work in a fancy-ish clothing store across from a Cinnabon. It was pure unadulterated torture. I swear they pump that smell through the air vents to bring us weak mortals to our knees cowering before the kiosk of round rolled treats.

I was determined to succeed at this recipe. I began with the cake recipe. Borrowed the icing recipe from myself (which you can find over here in my Carrot Protein Cake post). And created a beautiful cinnamon swirl with a base of dates and cinnamon. 

I do not believe that we should feel bad about indulging. We are human and in the grand scheme of life food is a beautiful thing to enjoy. BUT if I can avoid feeling yucky afterwards AND gain some health benefits while eating dessert -- why not?! Ergo, here is the calorie schpiel...  

Nutritional Info blah blah blah:

Upon calculating the calorie count for my little beauty of a cinnamon roll cake...the grand total if you cut it into 16 slices (it's a big cake, 16 slices works out perfect!) is 244 calories PER SLICE. WITH FROSTING! That's pretty crazy. And 8-10 grams of protein depending on the types of protein you use. The fat is around 10-12 all coming from coconut oil and healthy fats! As far as carbohydrates -- Cinnabon has 127 grams of carbohydrates! My little protein cake has 25 depending on the sweeteners you use! Plus protein and fat help slowww down that absorption of carbs. Not too shabby little cinna-cake.

Per Slice: 
Calories: 244
Protein: 10
Fat: 10
Carbs: 25

 Not too shabby at all. Keep in mind good fats, protein and healthy ingredients keep you full and nourished as opposed to feeling sick and then hungry moments after! Fun fact: If you OMIT the frosting in this recipe and just make a snack cake using each layer to cut into individual slices (re: 32 servings not 16) each slice would be EIGHTY CALORIES A SLICE! That's pretty sweet. FUN FACT NUMBA TWO: the nutritionals of this cake are more or less the EXACT same as my protein bars just fluffed up into a cake. 

Grab your glass of milk (almond milk for me, please!) and look through these beautiful pictures. Once you do -- you won't be able to resist making one for yourself. I mean for others. No, no...definitely for yourself!

Thursday 10 July 2014

Gluten Free Double Chocolate {Protein} Cookies

You know what is better than chocolate?


The answer is nothing is better than chocolate. UNLESS that thing is double chocolate. Then you win 5 points of unspecified merit.

It was 8pm...on a Tuesday...maybe it was Wednesday. We did not break our fast for an hour...and I thought to myself...this night needs cookies. It needs cookies like no other night has ever needed cookies before.

Not just any cookies. These cookies:

Double the chocolate, none of the gluten. All of the love, none of the sugar. None of the icky, and all of the protein amazingness. Winning all around.


These are a soft in the middle, brownie-like cookie exploding with chocolatey chip wonder. No creepy or weird ingredients, only a dense fudgey cookie with a heart of...well...chocolate?

I don't even have words. This is maybe the most delicious cookie I have ever had, even taking into account all the unhealthy cookies I have had. It is so chocolatey my head might explode. Yet soft and light at the same time. Like a cookie brownie. A brookie. Yes!

Bonus? I calculated the calories and each cookie has only 90 calories! Not that it really matters, but hey -- if you wanted to know, now you know! (I calculated this based on the ingredients listed making 32 good sized cookies).

If you are anything like me chocolate is a non-negotiable, must have, cannot live without food-stuff. So without any further ado, let us delve into this simple yet satisfying cookie recipe!

Monday 7 July 2014

Carrot {Protein} Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting

Carrot cake is so classic. There is something so comforting about carrot cake to me. If you've ever had it (and if you've probably have!) then you know how rich and satisfying it is.

First -- don't forget to check out these No-Bake Carrot Cake Protein Bars if you are looking for a 'no bake' treat.

Second, just know that this is a healthy and decadent replica of the fan favourite: carrot cake. You know the drill! No refined sugar, no gluten, lots of protein and good fats...just...YUM!

Third, this cake broke my mind. I am not even joking. I have never been so sad for a cake eating experience to finish maybe ever in my life? When my teenage brothers will eat something and say it's REALLY good...Well, that's saying something.

Especially now that Ramadan is under full swing, I want to make sure my body is getting the most out of everything I eat. The days are long, meaning we don't have a whole lot of time to eat after iftar.. Cue protein cake:

The smell, the crumbly texture, the {healthy} cream cheese's all what we know and love about carrot cake. My mom and I counted down until sun down just because of this. JUST LOOK AT IT!

Simply stunning. 

And this beautiful frosting with flecks of vanilla bean, protein and coconut oil. Can we just get a hellssss yesss please?

So if you want to majorly impress the health buffs and loved ones in your life -- get on making this cake! 

Friday 4 July 2014

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bites

Peanut butter is amazing. There is something so distinctly comforting to me about peanut butter. The mouth feel, the slight sweetness, the texture -- all of it!

Paired with chocolate? Get outta here!

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bites are a peanut butter version of my protein bars dipped in a high quality dark chocolate. As far as toppings go they range from sprinkles to a few little skor bits. SKOR. OH MY. So delicious that I cannot even describe it. 

These little lovelies are these Chocolate Turtles Protein Bars topped with a hazelnut!

My Aunt just returned from Europe and so naturally, I forced her to try one of them. The verdict? DELICIOUS! The right amount of peanut butter, a good chewy texture and ultimately the most satisfying little treat a peanut butter lover could ask for!

Let's check out the recipe, shall we? But if Peanut Butter and Chocolate isn't your thing...well, I have a whole BUNCH of other high protein recipes which you can find here on my recipe page!

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Tiramisu 'Protein Cake' with Nespresso and Paleo Frosting

The first time I had tiramisu I was around 9 years old. My mom made it with these Italian biscuits I used to adore -- and from that moment it became the most delicious magical thing I have ever known.

Anything Italian is pretty much amazing though, isn't it? From the pastas to the pizzas to the desserts. Ohhh the desserts. And the men. Wait, what? The dessert...yes, that's what I said.

This take on the tiramisu breaks from tradition in many ways -- however the overall flavour palette pays homage to the beautiful Italian dish in a few crucial ways : espresso and chocolate!

I used my Nespresso which is more or less the Lamborghini of espresso machines. Don't believe me?

Yeah.. That's the stuff. So if you are curious about those little shiny pods -- those are Nespresso pods. They are shiny and pretty and I love them. The machine itself is a dream -- efficient and delicious from macchiatto to latte. 

As usual this dessert has some crucial non-negotiable standards : gluten free, refined sugar free, high protein, healthy fats and of course, insanely delicious bordering on the line of inappropriate and sinful. Oh, and chocolate. 

Remember my Paleo Chocolate Frosting? You will need to check it out and get the recipe to make this! Just note: you will add a shot of espresso to that recipe. Otherwise it is exactly the same. Also note, you do NOT need a fancy machine. Just espresso or some instant coffee dissolved in warm water :)

It will be worth it, I promise you!

So let us discuss this recipe shall we? Yes. Yes, we shall!