Monday 28 September 2015

World's Healthiest Snickerdoodles



 Uhhhhh HI!

If you don't follow me on social media than you will NOT know that I took the plunge and started The Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe.  You can also find the link over on your right for the actual web site!

I had a feeling that working full-time (in a new department), blogging and THEN opening a business would be difficult. But man. I. am. swamped.

No complaints from little ol' me, though. I am just super pumped that I can work on developing a brand for the business and set it apart from the blog.

To me, it was just too confusing. And if *I* was confused that probably means other people were, too. Separating the too means people have one direct avenue for orders and communicated with me in that way that will not interfere with the blogging stuff.

So you know, if you want, spread the word!

But the reason why we are gathered here today in holy cookie-tramony are...Snickerdoodles:




Aweeeee yeah.  Look at that cinnamon. Look at that roundness. Look at those cinnamon sticks. Weeeoooo!

Snicker. DOODLES!

I like to test my cookies across multiple avenues.

My family. Duh. Extended family, of course. Co-workers. Children at the park. Okay, not the last one. But I go through multiple levels of social/familial circles.

I first tested this recipe before I went to visit my grandfather in the hospital. I wanted to bring him a treat that he could have that wouldn't tax his system.

They were a hit.

"What are these?"

- Snickerdoodles.



"Snikely Daddles?"

Never mind.

But the fact that no one had any idea what they were wasn't a problem. The most important part is that people ate them and said "THESE ARE GLUTEN FREE....AND VEGAN!?!?!"

Hysteria ensued.


You get a slight crispy crunchy exterior with a chewy interior and a warm cinnamon spice that will warm your soul.

Bring these to the next office party and watch the jaws drop when you tell them they're much healthier than the usual...snickely -- dingly...doodly? Er...cookie.