Thursday 19 November 2015

Gluten Free Baked Apple Pie Brie

I never understood having a type.

To me, if a dude was good looking he was just good looking and that was that. He was then rendered an object of affection at school, the gym, the bus, the grocery store...the everywhere.

But I think now that I am a bit older the whole scruffy hair thing is a total go. Oh and blue eyes and slightly disheveled dark hair is also a go.

Listen I am not discounting any other person...all I am saying is CAN WE JUST LOOK AT BRADLEY COOPER OK?

Between him and Jensen Ackles, I just die. I really do. My mom and I are OBSESSEDDD with Supernatural and Sam & Dean are real people in my life and Dean/Jensen is absolutely my husband to be met with competition ONLY and I mean ONLY by Bradley Cooper.

So when Castello offered me the chance to see the movie, eat some popcorn and watch the scrumptious Bradley Cooper on screen  followed by using fancy BRIE to make a fancy new RECIPEEEE -- I said...Will Bradley marry me....

They didn't have an answer for that which is honestly really sad but I totes get it. What they did offer me was a package just like the one I got to GIVEAWAYYYYYY!!!!

So that includes: Recipe Cards, Castello Brie, Castello Olive Oil (so good!) and a Great Escape ticket for 2 admissions, 2 regular drinks and 1 regular popcorn!  

YOU CAN USE THAT TO SEE BRADLEY COOPER!!!! Contest rules at the end of this post!

Most importantly though you can use the brie to make this:

I know Bradley Cooper, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and myself, of course -- would all really enjoy dipping this beautifully baked savoury pastry in creamy melty brie cheese topped with baked apples, walnuts and cranberries. 

They would all be like "omg this is so good marry me" and I would all be like "ahhh yeahhhh all those hours of netflix and chilling by myself with ice cream is finally paying offfff". 

I can't imagine how that WOULDN'T be accurate. 


I was not sure AT ALL what I would be making until 2 seconds before.

I was inspired to making something fitting for fall that can be shared with some close friends or family all gathered around a smorgasbord of food.

The piece de resistance, of course, this baked brie. Is it pie? Is it pastry? What's inside!?

But first a drizzle of honey (or maple syrup)...


Slice, scoop, dip, smear. This can be eaten any way you want to and it tastes great ALL ways.

I sliced into it right out of the oven and tore tiny pieces off of the pastry and eagerly searched for the perfect bite. Pastry, brie, cranberry, apple, walnut.


This will complete your life. It will make Bradley Cooper your husband. 



Monday 9 November 2015

Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Muffins

Oh boy oh boy.

Muffins. Are. Legit.

Fluffy, moist and basically a naked cupcake that we somehow justify to ourselves as breakfast food even though a naked cupcake we KNOW would NOT be a breakfast food BUT because they are so damn delicious we just let it slide.

And these...are...oh LORD.


If you missed my sky-high Snickerdoodle Muffins then..I feel bad for you, son. But if I may suggest another option, it's THIS one:

I usually push muffins aside. I think in my mind, they are one of those delicious thing that you know is horrible for you and doesn't provide that much satisfaction. As a young person who was always dieting..I never really had muffins except for a few random times when I was younger maybe.


What a fool, was I.

Muffins are as healthy or unhealthy as you make them. And realistically the ones you get at the bakeries and coffee shops are 2-3 times the size as the ones you make at home!

Plus you cannot buy THESE at the coffee shop.

Sorry, Tim.

Pumpkin is a great ingredient for retaining moisture. And these muffins are moist. But not in a yucky-I-don't-like-the-word-moist-get-these-away-way.


In my mind these are a wonderful treat with coffee after a brisk night walk, the perfect start to a Sunday morning and the ideal breakfast treat with family after thanksgiving.

Gotta use that canned pumpkin up, right?!

I know you can't really tell in the photo me. VERY satisfying. And I highly suggest having them fresh out of the oven when the chocolate chips are melty and glorious.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Pumpkin Pie Protein Squares


There is something so incredibly special about pumpkin pie.

And no, I don't mean in the basic b**** way. Although, rock on my basic warriors -- because that's a great reason to love pumpkin, too!

Last year my life was in a different place. I had a bit more time to blog and allow my pumpkin head to  be filled with wonderful ideas like pumpkin cheesecake bars, pumpkin scones, pumpkin brownies, pumpkin pie muffin top cookies, and my grandfather's (and mine!) favourite -- pumpkin pie.

This year my life has been more of a scramble. As I try and sort out some of my business stuff and, of course, go to work every day and try to get some me time (aka going to the gym for an hour if I am lucky!). I found myself screaming "OH LORD ALMIGHTY IS IT OCTOBER?! IS THIS REAL LIFE!?!?"


Yes it is.

So if your year has been like mine, which, let's be real -- we live in a world where MORE is MORE and too much is never enough -- then maybe you don't have time for pie.

Maybe picking up a box of Halloween candy BEFORE Halloween would actually be the biggest *win* you've had in a while.

I hear you, brotha/sista man/woman. I hear you.

For the pumpkin pie lovers, protein savvy, the health conscious and the people who are just there for the free food --- I present to you....

Pumpkin PIE protein squares.

Oh yes.

No one understands the importance of pie more than I do. Really. From rolling out the dough to patiently waiting for it to cool -- to slicing a piece with a dollop of whipped cream teetering gently over the edges. It's what I live for.

But as time escapes me -- I need all the satisfaction but without the fuss.

I think these bars are incredibly versatile, too. Dessert, snack, breakfast -- you name it. This bar is good for it. Not only that but the pumpkin helps retain moisture keeping these bars DELICIOUS for up to a week! Not that they will last you, mind you.

Once you see how easy they are -- you won't be able to resist ;)