Monday 16 April 2018

Lemon + Berry Protein Muffins



But here I am. This is my unofficial official quasi maybe probably return to blogging.

I had written about my transition into baking as a full time business in previous posts - but then a whole lot of dramatic life events happened and I kind of temporarily lost my mind (lol but not really but kind of) AND got a part time job to help keep me alive when business wasn't as consistent. And biggity bam - a whole lot of time went by in sort of a blur where I felt carried through the days by some force not of my own will.

It's difficult when life happens. But what I learned is that you have to 'fake it until you make it' in those moments. Action creates motivation sometimes - and not the other way around.

Why am I back? WELL. I think that I have a lot more to offer with blogging now. I have the experience of a business under my belt, experience at a bakery - and just plain old EXPERIENCE - that I would love to share with other people to help them out both in and out of the kitchen.

PLUS - I track my macros pretty consistently and find that eating can be an annoying struggle when I am trying to get in more protein at the expense of other macro-nutrients. Creating recipes that are healthier and also delicious has always been what this blog was about - but now I have so much more to offer to you!

ALSO --- I am not *super* thrilled with the macro-friendly options out there in the world. If you follow me on instagram (@Summerbakes88) then you will know I am going to start doing reviews. Lord knows I spend a crap ton of money trying different snacks - some healthy - some not! And I think I have a pretty good palate for criticisms ;)

A lot of the protein options out there are BLECH. JUST UGH LIKE WHAT. Sorry Lenny and Larry but I am lookin at y'all.

You will always have more control over food when you make it yourself. Don't like lemons - cool! Don't add that. Hate blueberries? No problem! Add another fruit. Trying to gain weight? Add in some chopped nuts/seeds and make them a bit more nutrient dense!

SO PROTEIN MUFFINS - That is after all why you are here - these are just a tweak on my gluten free muffin recipe - and ooooweeeee Rick! These are delicious. So soft and moist and rich. I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE MOIST THEY ARE OK!

Fruit and chocolate chips aren't integral to the recipe at all - so you can swap those items out. I have posted the macro breakdown in the recipe below!