Sunday 20 November 2016

Healthy Gingerdoodles (Ginger Molasses Cookies!)

Fun fact:

I found 3 new gray hairs this week.


And I am SURE they are new because I have to blow dry and straighten my hair and I am lazy AF and only go through the bother once a week. 

So these little bastards are new and I am sure of it.
Hopefully you have been keeping up to speed with my goingsons (not a word) on IG/FB -- if not the links are around somewhere -- I am sure you'll find me ;) So you will probably have a clue as to why my delicate black strands are fraying and graying at the speed of light.


I was so excited with how bakery-esque these turned out. Even without using butter/sugar/dairy -- these cookies turned out so luxurious. Slightly crisp around the edges and chewy on the inside.


If you don't love molasses I would stick to my normal doodles. The snickerdoodle.

However -- especially for the holidays -- these cookies are perfect.

My goal has always been to make my healthier treats look just as good as the 'normal' ones.

Not that weird discoloured dry and kinda crackly uneven thang that most GF goodies have going on. You know what I am talking about?!

I love the slight crackled tops. While you don't have to toss them in sugar (makes them not refined sugar free anymore) it does add to the texture in a nice way. Plus the sugar caramelises a bit and adds to the crunch along the edges.

I promise these are easy to make, too!

Wednesday 2 November 2016

No Bake 5-Minute 'Trail Mix' Bar

As I sit here typing this post I am looking at two giant containers of Halloween candy. You know how Halloween crazy I am. So of course I bought all the BEST candy and was super super excited to give it out to all the cute little kiddies. See excited face below:

Well ya know what. NO ONE CAME! We had maybe 10 kids total. And I had an entire other bowl of candy not pictured above.

I was crushed. I wonder why this is the case. We used to get a lot of trick or treaters! Whatever the reason is it made me really sad. Luckily with all the cakes I make I can use the chocolate BUT COME ON KIDDOS :'(

I decided to do this recipe because it's super quick, super easy and absolutely delicious. The protein powder isn't integral to the structure here, so I didn't list it as a necessary ingredient. I did add it in this batch, though. You know me ;)

Store bought bars are usually horrid for you. I am addicted to Quest bars and even I know my home made bars taste better and are more nutritious (sorry Quest).

So with these you don't have to worry about wasting time and it's something my whole family loves. Even the picky people.

Best of all you really can use whatever you would put in your favourite trail mix. That's the beauty of a trail mix!!!!!

I always make it myself because every store bought trail mix has like...ONE thing I don't like that ruins the experience.

So picture these as the best trail mix ever that is formed into a compact bar that tastes like chocolatey fudgey delciousness.

The only problem is...these will disappear far too may want to hide half of them at the back of the fridge in an opaque container.....labelled DANGER DO NOT OPEN.

Not like I'd ever do that....

Anyways here is the super simply recipe!