Wednesday 29 July 2015

World's Healthiest Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Toaster strudel, pop-tarts, donuts, beignets, danishes.

Breakfast pastries are what dreams are made of.

What better way to start your day than muffins, bagels, cakes, pancakes, waffles which are really just crispy pancakes  and the like?

Actually there are probably a million better ways.

But I will be damned -- those options sure sound delicious.

When I first started working out I discovered protein pancakes, protein oatmeal and a whole whack-tonne of other protein breakfast foods.

I then proceeded to eat protein breakfasts...


I actually could not get enough breakfast foods. To me it was the only meal that deserved to be eaten and so to honour the holy wonder of breakfast I would pay tribute to it every possible chance I got.

I think that's because breakfast foods are often like dessert anyways. Which makes no sense, realistically, but I can't argue because dessert is the best meal of all?

Of course it is.

Don't be ridiculous.

Please tell me you feel me on that one? BREAKFAST IS THE BEST-FAST!


Oh yeah. POP TARTS! I figured I would give up on that smooth transition and just cut to the chase. These flakey and delicious pastries are 9 bajillion times better for you than the boxed kind. A bit more effort than ripping open that glorious silver package and catching them outside of a toaster, I know....

But 100% worth it.

And the options are endless! You can make strawberry like I did or make my apple pie recipe and cut the filling in half and use that to stuff them.

You could also use nutella, peanut butter or a mix of both!

The sky is the limit!

So if you or someone else you know like a pet turtle or treasured teacher has given up gluten and refined foods but still loves them some pop-tarts --they will go nuts for this. And it will cause them to probably quit their jobs and lives and spend all day making and eating these instead.

And I wish I could say I am sorry but seriously...once you try these you'll totally get it. 

Monday 20 July 2015

Butter Pecan Protein Squares

This post is 1 part Bambi frolicking in the forest, 1 part pecan, 3 parts protein and 670 parts delicious.


That breakdown makes absolute perfect sense to me!

If there is one treat, okay TWO treats that my mom really wants me to healthify it's 1) lemon tarts that I always used to make and 2) butter pecan tarts.

Neither of those things are made in this post today -- SORRY MOM! But I *did* try and come up with a healthier alternative to butter pecan tarts in this protein bar version.


These are insanely delicious, addictive and soooo gerrrdddddd.

If you have the chance to try Lorann's line of flavorings that's what I used for the butter flavour -- I really think it's a superior product to the ordinary butter extract you can find. You can of course, omit either of those and just do straight up pecan.

The ground nuts and nut butter add a butteriness to the bars all on their lonesome!


You should definitely put extra of those on top. In your mouth, maybe. All over the place and then dance around in them.

That's both disgusting and a waste.

So absolutely DO NOT do the last one.

These bars come together SUPER quick! And like with all my protein bar recipes you can omit the chocolate or use a considerable amount less and simple drizzle a small amount on top.

If you are going with the lowest possible refined sugar content then just pick a high quality dark chocolate and read the ingredients!

I always thought...Higher the percentage of cocoa solids = lowest sugar. But that's not necessarily true. Sure, SOME of the time it is. But other times that 30% can be made up of pretty much anything! So just read the label ;)

I bet there are chocolate bars with stevia out there, too. I found some stevia sweetened chocolate chips before so I am sure there are whole bars!

Let's look at how easy peasy these are!

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 8: The Princess Edition

Hello my little darlings.

Or big darlings. Tall darlings, small darlings.

I always wished I was taller. I am 5'7" which I feel like is the taller side of average but it's still pretty average.

I just remember being small and thinking I'd be so tall and lean with zero effort if I was tall. As if, by default, that was just a gift tall people were given.

Anyways that has absolutely diddly squat (what does that saying even mean!!!) to do with these beautiful princess cookies!

This is actually a combined post of cookies/goodies made for two separate little princesses. Because, well, obviously that is a VERY current theme to have for those of us under the age of 5.

It's been a couple decades since I was 5 but I like to think I stay pretty hip with the times.

I, for example, absolutely adore pink in many different shades.

I also really enjoy sparkles, glitter and all things shiny.

My favourite pop culture icon of the moment is Hello Kitty. But I also like everything comic book related. See how diverse I am!

I love jewels and crystals and bows. And of course also the colour blue because that was my favourite colour until I realized pink and purple were things and then I was like SORRY COLOUR OF THE SKY...MY HEART BELONGS TO ANOTHER!

I also like shoes. A lot. But I am at the age where the few pairs I have are neither expensive nor glamorous and so I'd much rather deal with shoe cookies because they are less dramatic to deal with.  

What else?

Friday 3 July 2015

Kelly's Bake Shoppe Review: Vegan. Gluten Free. Delicious!

I love reviewing things.

I love food.

I love baked goods (duh).


I don't think the anticipation of picking up goodies for review from Kelly's Bake Shoppe quite prepared me for how severely my heart would flutter and my eyes would widen with happiness. Especially given the severe storm that was ensuing as I hopped in my car to get to Burlington (not a far drive, thank goodness)!

So what will this post accomplish? A few things. 1) What is this magical place? 2) A review 3) Food porn photos up the wazoo!

SO numero uno.

Kelly's Bake Shoppe is an award winning gluten free, vegan, peanut free, most other allergen free, bakery in Burlington, Ontario.

Mother and daughter duo Kelly & Erin run the shoppe after Kelly's very successful vegan and gluten free restaurant gained popularity for it's delicious food in general but especially the wonderful desserts!

With a focus on whole foods, health, a beautiful atmosphere and excellent customer service I don't think it should come as a surprise that this is one BUMPIN' place to be.  As someone who lives in the area I have heard soooo soo much about this bakery. Especially because most people who I know, on some level, are aware of my healthy baking endeavors -- I have been personally recommended to visit this shoppe...oh...I dunno... 9 thousand times?!

They have everything from gourmet cupcakes, giant beautiful bakery-style cookies, ice cream sandwiches, cookie sandwiches, soft-serve ice cream, brownies, donuts, coffee, cakes, and MORE!

You've stepped in the door and glanced down at the adorable bright pink carpet. Now step further inside and you will be greeted by an earthy charm, rustic and classy atmosphere and kind staff ready to help you.

Chalkboards, healthy juices, cupcakes as far as the eye can see and a freezer full of goodies to take home and save for later! OR eat immediately ;)


 I was given two cupcakes of my choice -- but more on that later! What do we have here? Birthday cake, Coconut, Lemon Drop, Dulce de Leche (award winning!), Carrot Spice, Raspberry Lemon, S'mores, Pumpkin Caramel Cream Cheese and Blueberry French Toast. PHEW! Plus a few I am missing, I'm sure!

THE MILE HIGH BROWNIE! I have been wanting to get my little hands on this gem for a long time. Another award winning product -- how beautiful is this set-up?

And OF COURSE...plenty of cookies! I received one of each type of cookie. OH BOY! Snickerdoodles up top, World Peace Cookies, The Skinny Cookie and that's Chocolate Chip at the bottom left.

I will admit I was very close to stealing that beautiful stand that the 'Skinny' cookies were on. It was a problem.

So unfortunately I did not stay TOO long -- I wanted to seriously just wander around the shoppe for hours. And I feel like they would have let me because they were very sweet peeps in there. Lorrie, I BELIEVE, helped me?! If I got your name wrong I am so sorry. The weather made me a bit loopy -- which is why I did not linger as long as I would have liked!

 But the atmosphere is very warm, inviting and peaceful. At least when I was there. I hear there are usually people clamoring to get in and the line-ups are always very long! I lucked out -- I guess no one wanted to brave the storm!

Here was the little bag the cookies came in. I am wayyy too much of a detail freak. I just found myself squealing with glee at every little thing.

Let's LOOK!