Tuesday 6 November 2018

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups 15: SO MUCH CAKE!

Hey Internet!

What the heck is poppin'?!

I feel like I am out of excuses for why posts are taking so dang long - I am still as overwhelmed with business things over at The Perfect Bite as ever  ALSO I am expanding to offer some cute new things that I think I will maybe detail in another post? It will be a line of hand-crafted/hand personalized items. What does that mean? WHO THE HECK KNOWS! But I am excited to offer more gifting options as the primary purpose of my business is in events. Like Halloween. See spoopy cookies below.

Why not just open another business because I am already drowning in work WHICH has then lead to me accomplishing nothing. Is anyone else this way? If someone gives me a million tasks I have no issue. If I have to decide those tasks myself I instead choose to re-watch the Office for the 100,000th time because Pam and Jim are real to me. I have no regrets.

Also something fun is cakes. Would you like to see them? Would you like me to make videos of me making them? I have wanted to take that leap forever and so I decided to film some videos. Where are they - you ask? LOLOLOLOL.

They all turned out pretty dreadful, actually. It took me an entire day to film 20 minutes. After editing I barely had 1 minute of usable footage. Is that what is supposed to happen or am I a special breed of old and technologically defunct? COOL.


I realized that the most pinned items from this blog were a couple stand-out recipes that got shared on some high-traffic pages. And one other cake. My Kinder Egg Explosion Cake from this post. SO I may as well share them here, too!

 Fun fact I thought this was a Cardi-B party... But that is a short form for the couples name. Good thing I didn't announce that when the cake was picked up haha

This cake was my first time working with fresh flowers on a cake. YES I KNOW WHAT?!?!? WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?

I was terrified because I didn't know what to do and I read so many articles about how fresh flowers are covered in chemicals and doo-doo and god knows what else.

So I bought a florists book and decided to take the time to do it properly because I am literally always at Indigo or Homesense (I like to divide my time evenly so nobody gets jealous). Et voila. I now do fresh floral cakes.. lol

I like GOLD. A LOT!

I also like flowers. A LOT! I know it's wrong but if it's themes I like working with I am just happier about how the cake process goes in general.

I love fondant cake toppers. Unless I forget to make them ahead of time - then I hate them because they are floppy disastrous messes. SO LESSON LEARNED. If you want your fondant accessories to stay hard (lolololol) then you need to let them dry! Lots! The longer the better! If they need to be flexible like to form to the curvature of a cake - then they will crack if they have dried too long. #droppingcaketruths.