Tuesday 7 February 2017

Cookies Cakes & Catch Ups 14: All Things Pink & Pretty

This is going to be one heck of a catch-up folks. It has been a hot minute since I had the time to blog a new recipe which, honestly, has been really upsetting for me because creating new things is a huge part about what I do!

But now I am starting to realise when you run a business the 'what you do' part becomes a lot broader and more demanding than what you set out to do in the first place! haha 

The Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe  has just been taking up most of my waking (and sometimes sleeping) moments as I try to pursue the business full time and access as many resources as I can to get there! A lot of that process has been super discouraging and frustrating BUT I also know that every single day since beginning that journey every day has been different for me. Whether it is full of challenges or making new connections it has been amazing and I would take all the frustrations in the world to just get a piece of that joy. 

I am also currently working towards renovating our basement unit to pass the proper provincial and public health codes to become licensed -- which would be AMAZING but is still pretty expensive with all the proper permits, licenses, cost of rennovations, etc. 

That also means I don't have a permanent space to bake out of - so life is a bit crazy when you factor in the fact that you know...LIFE IS LIFE and there are always other obligations that I will have as a result. 

Basically I wake up each day and immediately am like LOL WHAT IS LIFE WHAT I DO WHERE AM I HOW I DO DIS?!


I thought I'd quickly touch base and share some of the cakes and tings that have been poppin' on my end. I have been lucky enough to have so many cool ideas that my clients would like -- and trying new things is always fun. 

Like ice cream cone drips:

S/O To @ Happily Ever After Decor for the gorgeous photo! These girls know how to STYLE! Please check them out on IG and Facebook they're the sweetest.

This geode cake snuck into the newspaper with me for my feature article which was so cool! Made me feel like a legit baker! haha

Check out @Lolafawn on IG where she reigns as QUEEN! This French Bulldog is basically everything.

I was super terrified to tackle doing a cute little pup on a cake. However - it is situations like that where I absolutely must tackle new things or else I will never get comfortable!

I made the ultimate floral buttercream wreath cake for my boho chic loving mama <3 I was soooo intensely focused on this cake because you know how much I love my mamushka!

SPEAKING OF WHICH! We starting watching Bates Motel and now we are addicted to it. Anyone else in love with Sheriff Romero??

Anyways I have been loving buttercream flower cakes and thank goodness my clients agree and are happy to keep supplying the need for my obsession!!!

That last cake means something so special to me because the lovely woman who found me is someone I knew longggg ago (along with her daughter who the cake was for) and during such a difficult period of my life. She found me through the power of google and I could not be more stunned at the power of the internet to bring people together. So happy they found me <3