About Me


Thank you so much for finding my little blog!
As I am sure you have noticed -- I do dessert! And lots of it.
But that doesn't necessarily mean that we can't have healthy dessert, right? Cue my blog!

I love to create healthier versions of not-so-good for you desserts by adding protein, reducing or eliminating refined sugars and doing most of my recipes gluten free too and provide vegan alternatives where I can!

A bit of a background on me: I graduated with a Master's in International Relations this past year and have just recently re-discovered my love for baking (which has grown to vast and ginormous proportions). Can you believe they don't teach baking in Grad School? I know. Me too. Shocking. Oh. And that's my mom and I in the photo. WE LOOK LIKE SISTERS I KNOW. She is my rock and I love her more than anything. Even sprinkles and Hello Kitty.

I am a self-professed (ok others profess it, too) gym rat. Former Crossfitter-- currently just training as functional as humanly possible (honestly I owe that to Crossfit) and trying to maintain my health despite my long/odd work hours. 

I recently quit my full time big girl job and got a job as a Pastry Baker at the cutest most amazing bakery in town. And now I am currently trying to navigate running my business  The Perfect Bite Bake Shoppe  FULL TIME! All that grew from this blog (so THANK YOU) -

As someone who is pretty focused on several difference areas of life I don't have much people time. SO. I would REALLY love to 'meet' you - send me a message any time. I love helping people out. 

Want to read more about me and my randomness? Read my FBC feature here, my SORTEDfood feature here and here

Happy Baking!


  1. Your page is truly inspiring. I am so pleased to have come across your website. As a person who struggles with what they eat your page really does show me that I can have my cake and eat it too ... literally;).... I am not a person with much culinary talent such as yourself, however I would love to see more recipes in your soft serve. One of my favorite food is ice-cream, with your creative mind and passion I would love to see what can come up with for some more healthier alternatives in that department... I will definitely keep checking out your website for new recipes and I want to say Thank You for creating this website. I truly believe that this will help people struggling with eating disorders on both ends of the table (eating too much or simply not eating enough) You have certainly opened my eyes and make me want to change the way I think and feel about baked goods. God bless you!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for writing to me. I needed to hear such positive words today, that's for sure. Our stories sound VERY similar and I believe so much in the importance of connecting with food in a positive way -- especially food (like dessert!) which can be a bit scary for those who struggle with any type of disordered eating. I sincerely hope that you visit again and try some of the recipes! It has been such an integral part of my healing journey and I would love to have that be a part of someone else's journey, too. As far as the ice cream goes -- I have lots of ideas!!! If you have any specific ones though, please feel free to contact me!

      Thank you for 'visiting' and I wish you all the best in growing an ever more positive relationship with baked goods.



  2. I've just discovered your blog, and you definitely have a great talent for baking and for writing! I'm looking forward to experimenting with some of your recipes. I'll definitely spread the word. :)

    1. Hi Melody! Thank you so much for visiting! Now that I know someone other than my mom is reading I am going to have to tighten the reigns on my babbling! haha I appreciate you spreading the word -- thank you thank you!!! :) If you do experiment with any of them please let me know!

  3. I fell in love with your shortbread cookies and have just been reading your blog ever since :-) I love that we can finally indulge in our favorite desserts guilt-free, especially with your consideration for gluten sensitivity and vegan diets. Thank you for your wonderful work!

    1. Hi Sophia! Thank you so much for your wonderful kind words. You really made my day! I hope I have time to publish something new soon but I am SO HAPPY you have tried and like some of my recipes <3