Monday 13 April 2015

Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups Part 3

Are you ready for more cakes and cookies?!?!

NO!? (If that's the case don't forget to check out part 1 and part 2


*taps screen*

You alive in there?!

Just a bit sleepy -- maybe in a bit of a gloomy mood from all these April showers? Me too, friend. Me too. 

Between migraines and viruses I feel like I haven't been a normal human in a million years. I am in a funk. Not an uptown funk either because that shiz just looks like a whole but-tonne of fun. 

I am hoping once I am back on my feet I will be back creating healthy recipes for you all! I know there is a lot of confusion as to why I post non-healthy noms and desserts.

Well first of all, I have never ever claimed to be a purist. I talk about that all the time! I don't count anything. After being so strict for so much of my life..well, I am OVER it. 

Is that to say I don't care about nutrition? NO! It's such a passion of mine. I believe that we are what we eat and that top quality, vitamin-rich sustainable food is the way to go.

And I can wax poetic about it for days on end. THAT BEING SAID there is a lot to explore in the food world. Being able to create beautiful creations is important to me -- for all occasions and tastes. Even though MY idea of a great time is some spinach, banana, chia seed concoction..I know that's not what my family and friends want for their birthdays ;) 

AND SECOND -- I like the share the small orders that I have been doing locally and when people celebrate they don't want orders of coconut cranberry breakfast cookies. Even though those are delicious!

If demand for protein treats increase I will be happy to price those out for sale but for now people want...cookies and cakes!

AND THIRD IN UNRELATED NEWS....I HAVE A NEW RECIPE FOR THIS WEEK! HURRAH HURRAY YIPPEEE (You will want to stay tuned for this one, folks. I promise)!

This cake was for a very talented nurse's (Congrats, J!) surprise bash!

Peanut butter buttercream, chocolate ganache, peanut butter cups, reese's pieces, chopped roasted peanuts...OH YEAH!

Let's have a look at...well...more cakes and cookies!

Quick picture I snapped after decorating:

And of course some nursing cookies!

I loved the little pill bottles!

And of course, personalized scrubs! I loved these, too! Such fun with little details.

And some shark nurses! Because she loves sharks. Although does one really need a reason!?

Pretzel thermometers! This was a first for me and dipping pretzels was a lot of fun. I did the details in royal icing. 

Bagged, boxed and ready to go!

I have a few more parts of this collection to show you  -- but I promise new recipes are coming soon! If you want to keep tabs on what's coming out of the kitchen please follow me on instagram: @summerbakes88 and subscribe to my newsletter!


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