Wednesday 24 June 2015

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 7: Surprise Birthday!

Please excuse me momentarily while I try to adjust to normal life.

*Walks 3 feet and lies down for 45 minutes*

*Wakes up. Clutches forehead in pain. Writhes in pain for 45 minutes*

*Sleep again. Repeat*


Any migraine sufferers out there on the interwebs that can relate? I never had a headache in my life before I started getting migraines and now I just feel like I am floating around in space all day long.
Sometimes I make cookies and I am like...whoa. When did I make cookies and decorate them? When did I sleep? Who am I? Did I just eat ALL those cookies? ;)

So if you can commiserate with me in feeling overall kinda poopy lately, maybe feeling a bit restless and like you wanna run away forever -- then please. Join me for a cup of tea or coffee. Or 6 cups of coffee. And let's catch-up on some cookies and cakes, mmmmk?

Because realistically -- this is the only thing keeping me going!

And coffee.

That helps, a lot.

The trendiest girl in town (visit her blog. JUST DO IT) ordered these for her mother's surprise birthday party her and her sister had planned. And I had a WHOLE LOT of fun. She pretty much gave me free reign over all the details and -- as I am sure you know by now -- that's my favourite :D


Birthday themed cookies? CHECK!

Adorable gift boxes that are adorable yet classy?



Aweee yah! These pink/rose coloured ones below are my favourite. Especially the gift box. I want an actual gift box JUST like it for my birthday which is approaching in August.



Yep. It's my favourite.

As far as the cake goes she wanted a chocolate Caramilk cake like the one I made for my brother.

But I wanted to change it up and incorporate some elements that I had put in the cookies -- swirls, roses and overall more classy/girly designs.


I thought long as hard about this. Buttercream roses? Maybe but then the added caramilk candies on top would be too confusing. Tons of chocolate? Maybe... but that's not so girl or refined, is it?!

After a while of pondering and googling various possible iterations of cakes I decided to scrap all that and just go with the flo. In fact, that usually happens. Whenever I get overly anxious are can't make up my mind I usually go back to square one and WING IT.

Sort of.

So what I did was a caramel buttercream. Layers of dark chocolate cake, caramel buttercream and real caramel drizzle between alternating layers.

Topped with chocolate ganache and buttercream rose swirls, just for good measure.

Studded with gold sprinkles and edible pearls for elegance.

Et voila. C'est tout.

Not only was I so happy with the simplicity of this cake but I was happy with how the muted colours almost looked like a wedding cake. Very whimsical and elegant all at once.


I piped a simple border at the bottom and added extra pearls.


Woodland chic, ethereal, boho,shabby chic? It is all the things. And more. I love it!

Let's take a quick look at the top of the cake..

So fun!

Sorry for the doo-doo Iphone pictures for this series of posts. I just don't have to time to stage a full photo shoot. Most of the time I am doing the orders after work and packaging them in the evening where lighting is really bad.

Then I take quick photos right before I send them off!

I promise, when I can, I will take more professional, better quality photos of my creations!

I hope this inspired you, made you chuckle, or at the very least didn't bore you entirely.

I still feel like I am floating through space with a cup of coffee and chocolate smears on my cheek -- but hey. That's probably...TOTALLY NORMAL!?

See you soon with a NEW recipe! Speaking of which -- subscribe to my newsletter where you will get new recipes that ARE NOT on the blog ;)



  1. Still so enamoured by this cake and these cookies! And they were DELICIOUS! Thanks again and thanks for the shout out too :D

    1. I am sooooo glad you liked them! I love that your brother was stealing them back from people. That's priceless <3 Also I thought I linked to your blog but CLEARLY I do not know how to internet. So I fixed that! lol Your blog explains so many beauty products that I did not understand or know about. I love it and everyone should read it <3

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