Wednesday 28 September 2016

Cookies Cakes & Catch-Ups 12: Rosettes and Girly Glamour

Guten Tag!

It is I. The long lost blogger of the usual healthy treats but also sometimes layer cakes land. I report to you now a few weeks into my new job as a Pastry Baker working nights and I have come out...well...I won't say triumphant but I am alive and I am learning so much my head feels like it's going to fall off. 

I thought I was on my grind before -- BUT IT HATH JUST BEGUN!

Because that is the case -- even when I am cooking/baking at home it's pretty minimal and I definitely don't have the time for a proper food post because of how time consuming food photography and editing is. WHICH IS A DAMN SHAME because I have bought some killer food styling props lately. Marshall's, Winners, Homesense. The holy trinity. God bless. 

SO this post is just another recap. I like to do these after I have accumulated enough fun photos of cakes and things to share. If you're new to the blog then know that these are for my side baking business -- the blog related things are the recipes and other tidbits that you can find at the right side bar ;)

SPEAKING OF BUSINESS! It has basically come to a halt. I had to cancel this months orders because the bakery is nearing Thanksgiving Doomsday prep. Please forgive me <3

I have so many beautiful girly things to do. MY FAVE!!!! I reallllllly miss decorating. I get to bake a lot at the bakery (ok ok that's obvious) but I miss my glitter and sprinkles and frosting!!

When my most supportive friend orders a cake for his mom -- I had to go all in! I loved creating this piece and I was so happy to get snapchats of her reaction <3

This beauty below is a floral peach and mint cake with all kinds of vanilla on the inside! And rainbow jimmies because the birthday girl loves them!

Dulce de leche and vanilla cake on the inside. A beautiful gold buttercream array on the out :D!

GF Vegan Donuts. Not for the cake but they match, don't you think?!

My favourite baby cookies of all time for the cutest mom to be!

These vanilla bean donuts I decorated with crushed meringue and shortbread crumbs. YUM!

I made this cake for my former boss when I worked at the Y for her surprise work shower. She has the most STUNNING little girl now -- she's finally loose! I will definitely miss working with this incredible strong and amazing woman.

I have done enough henna cookies at this point to be sort of obsessed. Before Eid Al-Fitr this year my Aunt and Mom surprised me with little cones of real henna and it was actually debilitatingly addictive. SO MUCH FUN! As it turns out though -- I should stick to just piping with icing lol.

Okay so buttercream flowers and glitter and sparkles and gold is all great. Now on to the LESS girly items (equally cool and exciting).


That very same supportive friend ordered a cake for Dad, too. This was a gigantic, funfetti filled cake with funfetti buttercream, aqua blue ganache, macarons and meringues on the top and just a lot of FUNNN!!!!

Baby brother got a Rick and Morty cake this year. It's soooo hard to create cakes for my family because I have to be so sneaky.

I made the 'giant heads' out of sugar cookies and hand painted them. I was going to do it with royal icing but i just figured I would have better control hand painting them. Have you seen the show? We are obsessed with Rick and Morty in this house!

Oh! And the Earth -- I bought a giant blue jawbreaker from Bulk Barn and painted it!

Cake pops only turn out when they are for fun. Second someone orders them? BOOM! Cracking and explosions and cake pops floating in vats of chocolate lost forever. WORST.

AREN'T THESE SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy to finally have a Harry Potter order! For a bridal shower, too. Isn't that the cutest idea?!

And of course, if you have been around anyone between the ages of 4- 65 then you probably know Pokemon Go is just this little ol' game.

So these were pure for fun. I like the blingy ones the best ;)

Last and certainly not least -- for a Honda/Trans Am/Duramax Diesel fan -- these were actually a cool challenge. Not my usual shtick -- which is awesome because it forces me out of my comfort zone. The birthday boy was stoked (thanks to his sweet girlfriend for ordering them)!

And last but not least -- some goodies I was working on! Gluten free peach pie (UGH SO GOOD) -- use any of my pie recipes and sub in 6 large peaches, peeled and chopped. Protein blondies -- I used my recipe but subbed in 1/2 cup protein flour for 1/4 cup oat and 1/4 cup almond flour and added 1 egg yolk. DIVINE. And lastly a new protein bar recipe that hopefully I will post soon!


I received some pretty sweet ass messages lately. So if you have connected with me during this tumultuous time -- honestly -- thank you so so soooo much. My change in hours has made me a bit of a recluse so I appreciate the connections.

In the mean time please feel free to peruse some of my older recipes -- they're still good and I have lots of very Fall appropo stuff :)

Stay tuned and keep in touch over the interwebs, bbs.

Happy Baking!



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