Tuesday 23 December 2014

Healthy Christmas Dessert Round-Up

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

And by wonderful -- may I also include stressful, sugar-filled, debt-inducing and full of panic. But it is MOSTLY wonderful. I had a million and one recipes planned for Christmas. Vegan egg nog treats and wonderful truffles and more!

But it is also the busiest time of year and I found myself going from work to the mall to bed and repeating the process all over again while trying to jam events and functions in between.

Ah well. Maybe next year? If only one could give the gift of time!

I think even for people who don't celebrate Christmas there is an expectation that you will at least buy in to a certain extent. Maybe that means giving gifts around the office or to friends. Or perhaps bring some foodie treats to a party!? I laugh when anyone says I am difficult to buy for. I love food, chocolate, Hello Kitty -- and any combination of those things together is more or less a dream. EASY!

So if the stress of the holiday season is much and the loop on your belt seems tight...
And you wake up sweating and fearful in the dead of the cold winter night
Then perhaps some healthy treats in your belly are just what you may need
To counteract the anxiety of the quickening holiday speed!

There is a little jingle I wrote for you....your welcome. 

But really -- I know how terrible it feels to look at an array of food and worry and panic about what you can eat and what you can. What will make you bloated and uncomfortable or ill -- or just make you feel guilty and bad. It's frustrating. And I am NEVER one to advocate restricting of any kind. It's the holidays! Live your life and enjoy it. But for some of us there is a bit of pragmatic element to not being able to tolerate certain things (allergies, intolerances, ethical reasons, etc). 

So if you want to save the day for yourself and other health conscious/gluten free/vegan peeps -- please try one of the recipes I have compiled for you below! It includes three of my most popular recipes: the Coconut Cranberry Breakfast Cookie (perfect for Christmas morning), my Healthy Gingerbread Cookies (also perfect for the morning?) and my World's Healthiest Apple Pie (duh -- also breakfast food).  

I included an assortment of goodies that can take you from breakfast (cookies and scones and muffins!) to dessert (brownies and pies, oh my!) to healthy snacks and perfect gift ideas (protein truffles? yippee)! 

In the spirit of holiday cheer I offer you warm internet hugs and kisses from over here in the Arctic North...of Canada. Don't stress out -- at the end of the day there is much to be grateful for. Years from now the memories of you being stressed about not doing enough won't be the ones that stay. Because chances are if you are worrying about it -- well, then you are already doing enough! Enjoy the moment -- recruit helper elves and make delicious healthy treats for those special little  moments.

Now let's oogle at some noms, shall we?

There you have it! Any suggestions for me to work on in the New Year? What recipes do you REALLY want to see on the blog? Any input would be 100% welcome!

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas, a wonderful break and an amazing Holiday!

Happy Holiday Havin'!



  1. But it is also the busiest time of year and I found myself going from work to the mall to bed and repeating the process all over again while trying to jam events and functions in between.healthy desserts

    1. I hope you managed to fit in some unhealthy desserts too! Tis the season! haha

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