Monday 11 May 2015

Cheeky Bachelorette Cookies

HA! Do you see what I did there?

With the cheeky? And the butt jokes? Because they are ladies butts???

Not funny when I explain it, right? I KNOW BUT LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!

Unrelated to these cookies I hope all the Mother's out there had an AMAZING DAY yesterday. Don't forget to check out my recipe list if you haven't already -- maybe you are celebrating it late and still need some ideas?! I will post a full recap of all the festivities with pictures later.. it turned out AWESOME and was the culmination of an entire weekend of preparation and baking -- definitely worth it!

Any who -- more on that later! The kind young lady who ordered these cookies allowed me to choose the colour scheme and design which of course, is my favourite thing to do -- EVER!

I had actually done a batch of lingerie cookies (bras and panties) for another bachelorette party but sadly did not capture any of the pictures! Sometimes I finish orders late at night and the lighting isn't the best. But I will remember to snap some quick ones next time because bachelorette cookies are so fun!

Hot pink and black are quintessentially the 'bachelorette' colours in my mind. I don't know why. I don't know where I got that idea from. No clue! BUTTTTT....

To many butt jokes?

Lot's of swirls and roses, of course. And adorably girly sprinkles to boot!

I had so much fun with these! To make your life a bit easier you could just leave the cookies naked. I found that flooding them with beige icing made them look more put together, though. 

The sanding sugar looks like glitter! I wish it picked up better in the photo -- it was so glimmery!

Speaking of sanding sugar and sprinkles I have been on a serious sprinkle kick lately. Everywhere I go I am finding new sprinkles and sugars to buy.


I  hope you enjoyed a quick snap of these adorable little cookies! I have a bunch of new things to post and will definitely be debuting a few new recipes, lots of cookie designs, and just an overall catch-up on all the things that have been coming out of my kitchen, lately!

A few ways to keep posted on all the delicious noms before they make it to the blog are: Facebook, Instagram ( @SummerBakes88 ), and of course subscribing to my newsletter for lots of fun facts about food, baking and all things related to either of those things!

'See' you soon!


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