Friday 8 May 2015

6 Recipes for Mother's Day Brunch

OH HEY! Anyone out there? BUELLER?!?

I hope you are all doing SMASHINGLY! Eating well, moving well, being well.

Speaking of which -- did you get my newsletter this week? I talked a lil' smidgen about my favourite macro-nutrient -- protein, DUH! Actually I like them all, equally. But protein is pretty great. Even if you didn't learn something I hope it inspired you to make sure you are getting enough of what you need to just live a badass life.

This week has been a weird one. I had a trip to the emergency room which was GREAT TIMES, lots of good food (thanks Mom!) and some good gym sessions, too. Oh and I tried frozen yogurt for the first time which ..honestly, I kind of wish I didn't. It was like magical unicorns all singing praises from the heavens in my mouth. But dairy for me is usually no-bueno and now all I want is fro-yo </3.

SPEAKING OF MOM! Mother's Day is coming up! In lieu of a recipe or Cookies, Cakes and Catch-Ups post I decided to put together some 'Menu Ideas' for maybe a nice Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch?!

Mom's love brunch. I love brunch. Any God-fearing American with a sense of dignity loves brunch. Too far? No. Brunch is delicious.

Brunch is the world's way of saying -- "Hey girl, I know you wish you could eat Breakfast for every go ahead. Sundays are for you."

I don't think I need to wax poetic about my love for my Mother. But ah hell, I will do it anyone! She is, after-all, this blogs most loyal supporter.

While I have always been the princess -- I'm the only girl, I won by default -- I definitely put my mom through a lot of grief. She has been there through far too many hospital stays and sleepless nights, through the tears and through moments when I truly felt all alone. And while those moments will linger as painful ones the only shining light is that she was there for me.

As a person who is undecided as to whether or not children are in my future, I can only say that the bond that I have with my mom makes me have faith that maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will have a little cupcake eatin' peanut one day. But don't hold your breath, mama ;)

So what do you do to honor the person in your life (doesn't have to be your mom -- could be any special mother or lady!) who is the most self-less, loving, wonderful person?


Of course I post a lot of dessert options that healthy mother's would appreciate. Or you could re-visit last year's Mother's Day cookies!

BUT I also have lots of breakfast options, too! You could add them on top of a main dish or a savoury food item to round out the meal in addition to some fresh juices, hot teas and coffees and maybe some bubbly....water. Bubbly water?

1. Savoury Gluten Free Galette. 

First -- this recipe is now up at here on the official TreStelle website! They provided me with this beautiful photo, too! Doesn't this look UNREAL?! It is. This is the absolute perfect centre piece for a brunch. It's light but flakey and decadent at the same time. Vegan? Omit the cheese et voila! One of my favourite recipes that I have created to date -- and one that everyone will BEG you to make over and over and over again.

Not into the savoury option? I made a sweet Peach and Plum Galette with Brie. It is a perfect brunch option, too! Very classy and refined for all those foodies out there!

2. Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Muffins 

One of my lovely Instagram friends (Heyy gurrrl!) made these muffins for her family and they LOVED them -- and I have no doubt yours will, too. Without fail no one in my family believes these are gluten free. They are soft on the inside with a nice domed muffin top and the most pleasant and delicious aftertaste in the whole world. They are a beautiful show piece and fantastic side to a Mother's Day Brunch! 

3. Gluten Free Lemon and Blueberry Scones

Scones are the quintessential adorably English brunch/breakfast item. These are FULL of flavour with bursts of fresh blueberries and real lemon zest these will brighten up your brunch table and be a fun vehicle for specialty jams and teas.  I also have a pumpkin version. But hey it's spring -- so whip out that lemon zester and GO TO TOWN! These are crumbly, sweet and delicious.

4. Gluten Free Vegan Banana Walnut Breakfast Bars

I have made these chewy and sweet bars for coworkers, family, friends, pretty much everyone. Definitely a family favourite. It's like a sweet banana brownie but obviously...not chocolate! Absolutely incredible and addictive texture -- these vegan treats are a MUST for any breakfast or brunch function. Mom will love how healthy they are!

5. Gluten Free White Chocolate and Lemon Cranberry Cookies

My grandmother and my mother and -- well, the whole family, ADORED these bright and sunny little cookies. I think these pair VERY well with tea. In fact, I suggest you serve them with tea! Or as a part of a delightful afternoon tea spread or brunch. These are quite soft cookies and they melt in your mouth -- so stick them on any table and watch them disappear!

6. Healthy Vegan Vanilla Bean Donuts 

If your mom doesn't fall in love with these donuts...I will give you your money back. Err, theoretically speaking, of course. Soft, flavourful and full of vanilla bean flavour these baked donuts can be made vegan and are gluten free. They will brighten up any table and add a bright pop of fun and excitement. Snap them up while they are fresh and at their best - don't worry, they won't last long ;)


Lot's of bright and fun items to add to your mother's day events-- with a healthy twist! I hope some of these inspire you to make your mom something delicious for her special day -- but of course, that should be every day, no?

Try any of these? Snap a picture and let me know? I love when people share photos of items they have made or items I have made for them at their events! It makes me smile!

And MOM! I love you. Thank you for being my shining light. I love you to the moon and back.


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