Tuesday 14 July 2015

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups Part 8: The Princess Edition

Hello my little darlings.

Or big darlings. Tall darlings, small darlings.

I always wished I was taller. I am 5'7" which I feel like is the taller side of average but it's still pretty average.

I just remember being small and thinking I'd be so tall and lean with zero effort if I was tall. As if, by default, that was just a gift tall people were given.

Anyways that has absolutely diddly squat (what does that saying even mean!!!) to do with these beautiful princess cookies!

This is actually a combined post of cookies/goodies made for two separate little princesses. Because, well, obviously that is a VERY current theme to have for those of us under the age of 5.

It's been a couple decades since I was 5 but I like to think I stay pretty hip with the times.

I, for example, absolutely adore pink in many different shades.

I also really enjoy sparkles, glitter and all things shiny.

My favourite pop culture icon of the moment is Hello Kitty. But I also like everything comic book related. See how diverse I am!

I love jewels and crystals and bows. And of course also the colour blue because that was my favourite colour until I realized pink and purple were things and then I was like SORRY COLOUR OF THE SKY...MY HEART BELONGS TO ANOTHER!

I also like shoes. A lot. But I am at the age where the few pairs I have are neither expensive nor glamorous and so I'd much rather deal with shoe cookies because they are less dramatic to deal with.  

What else?

Well I have a REAL weak spot for candy and desserts. Duh. 

And I still dream about having a big beautiful ball gown. Like...in Cinderella...the REAL one? HER DRESS?!!?!!


Sparkly PINK heavens is pretty good, too.

I had way too much fun with these cookies. Like way, way too much.

I was covered in gold and pink sugar crystals.

I do this style a lot for bridal showers and weddings and I thought -- hey why not for princesses, too?!! Those bottom cookies are gluten free for the birthday girl and her momma. 


PACKAGING THEM! My favourite part.

I love seeing them all wrapped and ready to go.

Because before they look all pretty...

They are spread out all over the place like so:

I made some beautiful gold fondant details that sadly did not make it onto the cupcakes because of one very important reason.

That I am a dumb-dumb.

I will speak no more on the issue :(

SO they did make it...at first.

I should have known something would go wrong because I was far too happy with how they turned out.


SO I had to make a last minute effort to save them.

Still very cute but I was sad that I didn't get to use the crowns :(

Maybe next time, crowns! Next time I won't ruin you and you won't melt gold goo all over the place :(

I am pretty new to the whole fondant thang.

I have gotten the chance to do a bit more fondant work lately so hopefully that will save me some future grief!

Do you like fondant?

I honestly don't. But I see why it's popular and you can do some really AWESOME stuff with it!

Any cupcake disasters you want to share? Come on...it will make me feel better!

Happy Baking and 'Talk to you' Soon!


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