Saturday 14 May 2016

Cookies, Cakes & Catch-Ups 11: Chocolate Gold and All Pink Everything!

Alright, stop.

Collaborate and listen.

New cakes and cookies on Feeding my ADDICTION!

Did that work? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Fun Fact...I don't know how to spell collaborate, apparently. Thanks spellcheck!

In terms of catching up -- following me on social media is probably easier than bogging you down with my life story in this post. BUT as per tradition, I like to show you what I have been up to every so often.

ALSO PLEASE MAKE MY NEW DONUT RECIPE! They are seriously too good to pass up. I promise.

Orders at have been bumpin' lately! I need to hire someone to re-do both sites but.. WHO HAS THE TIME!

You can tell that I have been having a HUGE love affair with chocolate and gold.

And maybe peanut butter, too? Just an FYI my peanut butter cakes are also full of Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Reese's Cups ;)

I have also been obsessed with MINI cakes. Only 4 inches in diameter but still enough cake for 5-6 people. They're the cutest stinkin' little cute things EVER!

Oh. Let's look at... more chocolate and gold? OH, ALRIGHT!

MINI BABY CAKES! Full of dulce de leche and chocolate buttercream!

This sky high cake was 5 layers of chocolate cake.

Cookie Dough Explosion Cake! Cookie dough buttercream, chocolate chips and chocolate cake layered sky high and topped with ganache and cookies!

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I had been having an awful week that week and dropped my phone INSIDE my preworkout. Ah yes, it was a good time.

The vanilla cake pictured below was actually full of vanilla bean cake and peanut butter frosting. That is the beauty in ordering custom cakes -- you really get to get it HOWEVER you want :)

Beyond chocolate and gold were Bridal Showers and Birthdays. The fun part about the business so far has been really trying to push my limits and trying new things, even if they are scary at first. That's how you get better right? You have to risk something to gain something better. 

I LOVED this baptism cake. I just think the colours were so perfect and ethereal. Too bad the lighting was off that day :(

This floral cake below melted my heart. I had so much fun designing it and when it finally came together I wanted to hold it and dance with it and never let it go. 

Woodland fox got gobbled up by the birthday boy. Until all that remained was a fondant eye. Or so the tale goes ;)

Tiffany blue cake pops and baby blue baptism cookies make me feel like Spring is almost here. But it's not. COME ON GOOD WEATHER LETS GO!

Yep. Just as much cookie madness as you would expect:

Clients are always excited when I tell them I package the cookies. I just think it's a nice little take-away from an event. And if you are anything like me -- these fancy dessert tables are so overwhelming -- you gotta try EVERYTHING RIGHT???

So at least with the cookies they will stay nice and safe for snacking later :)

Cupcakes just don't get enough love these days. The great cupcake boom of 2010-2014 has worn off, I guess. I still think they're lovely ;) And nice when you can't commit to a whole cake or want a more portable dessert option.

Last but not least, some naughty cookies ;)

May will be huge for bachelorettes and more Bridal showers so my strategy is to try, as best as I can, to be ahead of schedule so I am not pulling any all-night-cookie sessions. 

My advice for anyone struggling to get everything done in a day is to schedule, plan ahead as much as you can and always, ALWAYS remember you are the key to your own success. If you are tired and exhausted then in the end you won't be as productive.

Trust me. I am the Queen of stressing out and giving too much until I feel like I am going to faint. But that's a short term strategy ONLY and isn't sustainable.

Making sure my diet is healthy, I am still going to crossfit and still watching a lot of stupid videos on the internet have been the key to my sanity ;)

Any other advice for us type-A folk?!

Hope you enjoyed this photo heavy catch-up! Please feel free to refer people to this page or my business website if you're looking for more information on ordering!

Happy Caking,



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