Tuesday 20 May 2014

Baby Shower Cookies


How can you not like babies? Baby feet are probably my weakness. Just want to eat them up! WHICH is a disgusting phrase, actually. But really, baby feet are right up there on my list of ultimate adorable things alongside cats that act like humans and sassy toddlers.

These cookies were for a co-worker who is having her first baby boy! How exciting! I have never done baby themed cookies before, and for a first try I thought these were cute. But my OCD usually kicks in after I am done and I cringe at all the little errors.

I am still not feeling so hot, so these will be out of the house before I can critique them TOO thoroughly!

That also means my words make no sense.. I can...haz...what can I haz...what...UHHH....

OH--- and I used baby themed cookie cutters from Wilton--just in case you were wondering!

The carriages drove me a bit batty--but the bears? SO CUTE! 

See the rest of the designs after the jump!

I love working with subdued colours and simple designs. I always used to think that simple was boring but that couldn't be further from the truth!

Here are the packaged cookies:

I always try to individually wrap them unless they are going in a pastry box. I think it's nice that people can take them home with them to eat later! I also made cookies and cream chocolates!

Here is a diaper cake my boss made! How adorable! We put the cookies around it, it looked so fun!

I can't wait to try another batch of baby shower cookies ... It was exciting to see everyone take them home. Especially the momma to be! 

Do you have any impending baby showers? Thoughts on baby feet?



  1. I love them Summer! I too love baby feet!!!


  2. Thank you Brooke!

    Baby feet are insanely cute. Glad you agree ;)