Monday 9 June 2014

Marshmallow Fluff Birthday Cupcakes

In my office there are 8 of us with the same position.

I treasure and love each and every one of them! We have been super busy lately and so to commemorate the end to a successful event and a long few weeks--why not celebrate two of their birthdays with CUPCAKES!

Lugging them to the office was well worth it to see how much they appreciated it. And we needed the extra boost Friday afternoon, let me tell YOU!

I even had some passersby ask if the cupcakes were for them. I suppose it is a frequent enough occurrence that random strangers offered them cupcakes? Regardless, I was flattered.

For the flavours, I decided to go with a classic vanilla cupcake and this marshmallow buttercream. So please, go read all about it!

These turned out beautiful!

Both with and without their beautiful yellow frosting!

But just to be sure...add some of this:

Because then you get these!

More pictures? Obviously!

Now I don't mean to put these on a pedestal...

But this is the best buttercream ever. And I just striped them with yellow colour for a bright and fun touch!

Ohhh they were a beautiful sight. So fluffy and light. And ...just adorable!

Even if I made a mess...Oopsie. 

Cupcakes are always worth it!

Simple! Add whatever toppings you want. That's the beauty of a simple cupcake. Toppings are endless! And they are just...soooo....CUTE. 

Everyone really enjoyed these-- and they were filling. Sugar coma's make for a happy Friday! Not a productive one, necessarily but sometimes you just need to roll with the punches. 

So Happy Birthday to Emily, Rosalyn and even though it's a bit later, Ariel too! 

Love you guys


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