Monday 28 July 2014

Eid Sugar Cookies

Eid Mubarek ! Kulla sanna wa'entom tayabeen!

If you are celebrating today this means you had a successful Ramadan and now it's time to party! With cookies. I spent the entire weekend baking LOTS of treats that  I cannot wait to share with you all.

I am very excited to share these with my family, too! I remember as a young child always watching my grandma make lots of different cookies for Eid every year. And I could not be happier to be bringing some cookies to the table this year!

Ramadan is always a time for reflection -- and peoples all over the world have felt that more than ever in recent years. Where ever you are, I pray you find some time to spend with loved ones. For that in and of itself is the greatest blessing.

And with that, I will not have much to say today -- just know there are so many amazing desserts to be seen on the blog in the next little while so you will want to stay tuned!

I was so happy with the colour scheme of these cookies! They are definitely Moroccan inspired with different Middle Eastern elements incorporated into the cookies. So bright and happy I could cry.

The lantern! I love this one!

Did you know the crescent moon was a symbol associated with Islam? Interestingly enough, Ramadan's beginning and end is directly connected to the lunar cycle! Once the moon is sighted (in whichever country you follow with respect to these things) we know that Eid will come! And that day is today, friends. 

ALSO, did you know Eid is 3 days long? As a young one I always asked my parents if I could take all three days off of school. It only seemed fair? At most I would get two days, which for me, was the most amazing thing of life. Why can't that happen to me now?!

 I am obsessed with these colours together! They make my eyes so happy! And this skyline is pretty much Agrabah, no? I am still waiting on you, Aladdin!  Bring me my monkey!

This intricate little cookie reminds me a lot of some of the beautiful colours of the Middle East and the details of the buildings, fabrics and textiles of the region. In other words...OOOOO LOOKIT THE PRETTY!

That Agrabah skyline again! 

There we have some colourful and bright Eid cookies! If you don't celebrate it, I still hope you liked the cookies and they inspired you or at least gave you some eye candy ;)

Eid is very much based on celebrating, food and community. So make some cookies, share them, eat them and give someone a hug. Because hugs have absolutely nothing to do with faith, race or ethnicity. You just need yourself and some compassion. And an Agrabah skyline.

Happy Eid!


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  1. gorgeous photos and cookies
    it made me hungry :)