Tuesday 29 April 2014

Beautiful Bridal Cookies

I am so happy to bring to you today...something WEDDING themed. With my love of themed things, it does seem odd I have never done anything wedding related. Until now, anyway ;)

These were for a bridal shower this weekend and the colour theme was coral, beige and white. A beautiful combination I do believe! They were for A* who is a VERY lovely young lady with the most bad ass sewing skills I ever did see!

*Not her full name

I have never been involved in wedding planning, but I feel like if the day ever comes when I do, I will have to quit my job to search pinterest 24/7 like a neurotic insane crazy person. I do that all the time in my spare time anyway!

These cookies were fairly simple, not to say I didn't make my fair share of mistakes and problematic decorations aka many profanities left my mouth.

I made royal icing roses ahead of time which made a nice little touch without the fuss of having to make them the day of.

Look at the prettiness! It was a nice change of pace to make simpler cookies with tiny little designs.

I did 4 designs, and each design I made 6 cookies with either a white, cream or coral base to make things interesting! Of course all the cookies are different...you know me and my crazy cookies!

Want to see more cookies? There is lots to see, let's make haste!

Beautiful beige cookies:

Wonderful white cookies..

And the most beautiful cakes:

Straight up...there were too many pictures to choose to take a large amount of pictures of the coral cookies. But they were all the same except the base colour was coral.

I really hope the cookies are well received at the shower !

Are you planning a wedding, know someone who is, or detesting the whole process and everything with the word 'wedding' in it? I'm a 20-something and it's definitely the time for marriage amongst most people I know. Me? I'm just enjoying hanging out and decorating cookies on my weekends. Like a boss.

So wherever you fall on the wedding-planning spectrum..thanks for stopping by!