Sunday 13 April 2014

Easter Sugar Cookies


I hope you are all well! The first decent-ish type weather on a weekend and this flu is getting worse and worse. But this post is about cookies and not my high temperature and ugly sweatpants. We can chat about that another time ;)

It's about these.

And of course these:

And this furry little bottom!

Design: It was on the Wilton box the cutters came in!

The bunny cookie is very easy! You just need a bunny cookie and a small round/flower cookie. Just stick it on with royal icing once both iced cookies have dried!

And best of all? All you need for your icing is this:

Haniela on YouTube is UNREAL. She posts the most creative cookies, cakes and more! Find here here: Haniela's YouTube

She uses ziploc bags. I ran out of piping bags and decided to just use these. No tips or anything needed, either!

Another YouTube channel I am obsessed with is Montreal Confections. Find her here. She inspired my little hippie bunnies :)

Don't leave yet, there's more!

This little guy just cracks me up! Bringing on the Easter lolz.
My poor little chickadee! I left the icing too long and it separated so he has some streaks. I'm making more cookies this week so I'll try again because he is SO FREAKING CUTE!

Chevron Bunny made using cheap stencil from Michael's paint section!

Hippie, happy, adorable bunny.

See my little faberge eggs?? So fun!

These bright fun cookies make me happy. Life is stressful, and even if you're not feeling well it's always nice to get some air, relax and....spend hours piping cookies? Maybe not. But I had fun!

Stay bright and happy!


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