Thursday 17 April 2014

Easter Cookies Part 2

Day 7 of foreign illness. Status: weak. Curious itch in back of throat is new development...prospects are bleak.


I just thought I'd stumble onto the blog to post the rest of my Easter cookies! They are more or less variations on the other designs that I thought turned out cute so I thought I'd share! I also set aside another small batch of cookies for a coworker's birthday. I forgot to take a picture (oops) but she liked them and has decided to frame and not eat them! lol

I just love the little roses <3

Hipster bunny love <3

And let's see some MORE!

Just a COUPLE of  CHICKS <3

See some more cookies including some simple but beautiful sugar cookies that are easier to put together!

Some more bunny bottoms! Oh so cute!

Cookie and cake decorating can be a daunting task. Tools and colours and bags and AH! But if you use ziploc bags and flood consistency icing you can put together really pretty plain cookies and add sparkling sugar or sprinkles if you really want. I think they are pretty all on their own! Initially I intended to stamp or stencil them but I got back from work so sleepy. Darn this rain! 

Here are some of the birthday cookies un-iced. The blue one disappeared tragically! 

Are you ready for Easter weekend? I am ready.... to sleep in!

Hope you are all well,


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