Thursday 3 April 2014

Puzzle Piece Autism Awareness Cookies


Well, as far as posting goes--there has been and will continue to be less frequent posts. Such is life. Other things are also going on which make finding time for the little things that make me happy to be almost impossible. ALSO I got an iPhone as a gift/I am borrowing it and I absolutely loathe it.

To be succinct... I have lost my muchness and I don't know where to find it.

I am 100% android and think the Iphone is glorified garbage. Personal preference, though.

I made these cookies for National Autism Awareness Month for a bake sale. Being that the puzzle piece is often used as a symbol for this cause, I chose puzzle pieces.

Technically I wrote this on World Autism Day (April 2nd) but like I said, technical and practical issues over hurr. My apologies!

Autism is often misunderstood and people with Autism, even more so. It's a great cause to learn more about, if you can. There are lots of touching stories out there that clarify some misconceptions.

For these cookies, I don't have much in the way of instructions. Just flood and outline the cookies however way you choose. They look best plain but I had some errors I wanted to conceal.

The colours used in the Autism Awareness logos and products are a teal blue, darker blue, red and yellow:

Keep reading for a few more fun pictures!

And here they are all ready to go, I thought stickers would be a fun addition:

Last minute, make-shift card!

 Hope you are all well and try these cookies for a cause!



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