Tuesday 18 March 2014

Baking Tips and Tricks: Avoid Icing Messes and Uneven Cookies!

HEY...again! Time for another baking tip! 

Not one but two really quick and easy baking tips for cookie making and decorating!

#1: Filling Piping Bags

I had mentioned earlier  that an easy way to keep your icing tips from clogging was to store them upright in a cup lined with moistened paper towels. How about filling your bags? Without help, filling bags can be annoying. Quick and easy solution? Use an appropriately sized cup (depending on your bag size) as your helper! Just open up the bag, stick it inside, and wrap the bag around your cup and spoon in your icing! 

#2: Making All Cookies Even 

This is a new trick that I tried today. Thanks to Haniela on YouTube which inspired this idea and at my trip to the craft store today I found the perfect birch panels for around 2$ a piece. 

 Simply set up your parchment paper (if you choose to roll it in between parchment like I do) and the panels on each side, close enough together that the rolling pin rests on them. You want a good thickness--these are around 1/4 inch. If you want thicker or thinner cookies this will change the size of panel that you use. I did clean these before hand but for future use I will wrap them in saran wrap just to be sure!

Use these planks to ensure all your cookies are the same width! It's kind of like using elastics on fondant rollers. The rolling pin hits the planks before your cookies can get too thin! Then just cut out your cookies as per usual!

Hope these tips are helpful!

Happy Rolling and Piping!


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