Thursday 20 March 2014

Cookie Inception: A Blog On Cookies Featuring Cookies Based On My Blog. WOAH!

HELLO! I was making cookies yesterday (surprise I know, control yourself!) and I had some leftover pink and black icing. And the pink. Looked. So. Familiar.

And then I thought to myself:
 "Should I?"
"No, I can't"
"Ohh...but I should!!!"
And so, I did!

I made blog cookies! Cute right? I love that shade of pink (as I'm sure is quite obvious). Inspiration comes from the funniest of places! A sign, a cup, a cute little hungry monster! He is cute and mine and his nom est NOM!

I wish I could give every person who has ever found their way on to my blog a cookie. Because I want to. You make my day, you really, really do. Until virtual food-transferring is a thing, pretend that these are from me to you!

I hope you have an amazing day. And if you don't, come visit me on the blog. I will happily keep you company and rant about food-related and other un-related things!

Happy Web-Surfing!


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