Friday 21 March 2014

Cookies From Middle Earth: Bilbo's 111th Birthday Party

"My dear Baggins's and Boffins. Tooks and Brandybucks! Grubbs. Chubbs. Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots!"


Welcome to Bilbo's 111th Birthday Party! In the jar we have Smaug's coins, and of course to eat we have a hobbit house, a ring, a birthday cookie, a hobbit cake and Bilbo and Frodo themselves! Yes. We will eat them, too. Such a shame! Gandalf will be oh so upset with us!

Just don't touch the ring's mine. Myyyyyyy precioussss!

Of course instead of Bilbo getting these cookies, these are for someone from earth and not Middle Earth! Happy Birthday Marly!

I have never had such a great time decorating these cookies. Lord of the Rings The Hobbit are so near and dear to my heart that designing these were a breeze. I didn't plan, I just piped. Piped from my heart ;) Also for all the fanboys (like me) I did mix elements of both LOTR and the Hobbit. Don't hate me---I just wanted cookies that captured elements from both. I think it would be fun to do lambas bread cookies, some elves, dwarves, smaug, etc! Maybe another post? Would you want to see those?!

Can you see my Elvish script? Looks a lot like Arabic!
It was a big party, so let's take a look at more pictures--and see the end of this post for tools/icing colours needed!

Would you like to come in for tea? Hobbits are gracious hosts!

Or maybe a slice of cake?!

Happy Birthday!

And of course the cookies of honour!

Can you tell which one is Bilbo and which one is Frodo?

I hope you had fun at my-- WE HATES THEM. STUPID LITTLE HOBBITSES *GOLLUM**GOLLUM* --sorry. Smeagal is tired. 

I hope you enjoyed these cookies as much as I did/do. Hopefully the birthday girl agrees. 

Want to do this yourself?

You will need:
  • black piping icing
  • green flood icing and green piping icing
  • brown flood and piping icing (a few shades of brown were my choice because I screwed up the first one and thought...meh, just see what happens)
  • gold piping icing
  • ivory flood icing (for the faces and hobbit house)
  • white flood icing (optional. I had it from another project)
  • rose coloured icing to paint on the cheeks of the Hobbits with a brush after the icing has fully dried --to do this i just paint on a little colouring, and blend it with my fingers :)
  • all other icings pictured were used for other cookie projects
  • Cookie cutters: circles, scalloped squares and cupcake cookie cutters for the tree and hobbit house (told ya I loved that thing)!

I hope you enjoyed the party. Bilbo only turns 111 once, you know! Know any LOTR or Hobbit fans? Are you one yourself? I wish I lived in Middle Earth---particularly Rivendell--wonder why?? hehe

Good Day, Happy Hobbit- watching (or eating!)


P.S. Can't wait for the 3rd movie!

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